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Emperor Gorieus
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Reign 1E 461, 23rd of Sun's Dawn-
Previous Ruler Ami-El
Next Ruler Herda
Resided in Cyrod

Emperor Gorieus was the ruler of the Alessian Empire during the fifth century of the First Era. Like most Alessian Emperors, he was not a man of great humor. His coronation in 1E 461 was a somber ceremony, in accordance with the rules of the Order, but still attended by most famous figures of the day including Darloc Brae (The Beast of Anequina), the Chieftain of Skyrim, Kjoric the White, his son Hoag, representing their kingdoms and giving honor to the Empire. Despite the Empire's intolerance of all elves, Ryain Direnni (in service to the Imperial court of High Rock), Chimer Hortator Indoril Nerevar, and Dwemer Dumac Dwarfking attended, diplomatically representing Resdayn, all in relative peace.

One of the guests, High King Kjoric, would later rebel against him, and Gorieus' forces killed him in the Battle of Sungard. His military defeat at the hands of King Rislav Larich of Skingrad in 1E 478 began the downfall of the Alessian Empire.[1] Rislav's unlikely victory over Emperor Gorieus's legions was seen by some at the time as divine favor.[2]