Lore:Hoag Merkiller

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High Chieftain Hoag Merkiller
Race Nord Gender Male
Died 1E 482
Falkreath/Glenumbra Moors
Previous Ruler Kjoric the White
Next Ruler Wulfharth
Resided in Skyrim

Hoag Merkiller was a short-lived High King/High Chieftain of Skyrim in the mid-late fifth century of the First Era. He was a seasoned warrior and tongue[1] from a prestigious background as a fighter and a monarch. His predecessor as high king was his father, Kjoric the White.[2] In his time serving under the First Empire of the Nords, he used the pseudonym, Fenja, but he is remembered in Dunmeri history as HOAGA, the Mouth of Mud.[3]


The precise date of Merkiller's birth is currently unknown, although he was alive during the lifespan of the Nordic Empire, in the early First Era and known to have been present in the Conquest of Morrowind, which ended in 1E 416.[1] In that time, he went under a pseudonym, Fenja, and destroyed seventeen Chimer villages and two Dwemer strongholds. According to Tribunal mythology, HOAGA used an unheard technique to swallow the earth around him and use it on his fallen soldiers, to re-invigorate them, albeit at the expense of their speed. He was eventually driven out of the fight.[3]

Years later in 1E 461, Hoag Merkiller and his father, Kjoric the White were present at the coronation of Emperor Gorieus of the Alessian Empire, among many other legendary warriors at the time, including Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking. The circumstances regarding Hoag Merkiller's death and even his father is shrouded in inconsistency. While one source claims that Kjoric the White died in Sungard defending his post from the First Empire and Gorieus,[2] others state that he died defending Falkreath.[4]:574 Afterward, Hoag Merkiller took the helm of High King, and joined the fight against the First Empire with the Direnni Hegemony.[2] During his reign, he was well-acquainted with the Icehammer Clan of Eastmarch, often fighting alongside them and appointing the head of the clan as his thane, but they eventually turned towards evil.[5]

At some point, he was involved in a battle with the Direnni that took place between 1E 461 and 1E 477 and lost in battle.[6] It is widely recorded that the High King died at the Battle of Glenumbria Moors in 1E 482,[7] but some other sources say that he died defending Falkreath and even fell at the exact same spot his father died on.[4]:574 In any case, his heir,[2] Wulfharth of Atmora, ascended to the throne of High King[7] roughly around 1E 480.[8]