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Emperor Leovic's decaying corpse in the Imperial City Sewers

The Longhouse Emperors were a dynasty of Reachmen who seized the Ruby Throne and ruled the Empire of Cyrodiil for several decades during the Interregnum.[1] Regarded as eccentric at best and utterly alien at worst by Cyrodiil's populace, the Longhouse Emperors' reign began with the Empire's conquest by Durcorach the Black Drake sometime in the early Sixth Century of the Second Era. In an effort to solidify his tenuous claim to the throne, Durcorach married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Tharn family of Nibenay.[2] Durcorach eventually met his end while leading an army of Reachmen in an invasion of High Rock in 2E 541; after raiding several cities, Durcorach's army was broken outside Daggerfall, and the Longhouse Emperor himself was slain by Emeric of Cumberland.[3]

Moricar the Middling,[4] Durcorach's son, succeeded him.[5] During Moricar's reign, he mustered his legions to subjugate Western Skyrim, but remained in the Imperial City rather than lead the invasion as his father would have. This decision likely spared his life, as his forces were humiliatingly routed in a single battle by the army of High King Svargrim, but he was consequently lambasted as a coward by Western Skyrim's bards.[4]

By 2E 566,[6] Durcorach's grandson Leovic had inherited the Ruby Throne. Following suit with his grandfather by marrying a Tharn, Clivia, Leovic's reign was initially only marked by the emperor's peculiar behaviors, which the Cyrodilic nobility blamed on his Reachman upbringing.[2][7] Eventually, however, Leovic crossed the line when he legalized Daedra worship, allegedly at the behest of corrupt advisors, and consequently drew the ire of many nobles who had once been counted among his supporters.[7] One of these erstwhile supporters, Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol, marshaled the armies of the Colovian Estates and led them against Leovic in open rebellion from 2E 576 to 2E 577.[8] In the end, Leovic was killed by Varen in the Imperial Throne Room, and the era of the Longhouse Emperors came to a close.[1][2]

Under their rule, Cyrodiil controlled land as far as the Wrothgarian Mountains.[9]



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