Lore:Pelagius Septim II

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Emperor Pelagius Septim II
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 99
Reign 3E 82-
3E 99
Previous Ruler Uriel II
Next Ruler Antiochus I
Resided in Imperial City

Pelagius Septim II was crowned the sixth Emperor of Tamriel after the death of his father, Uriel II, in 3E 82. Pelagius II inherited not only the throne from his father, but also the debt from his poor financial and judicial management. Pelagius dismissed every member of the Elder Council, and allowed only those willing to pay great sums to return. He encouraged similar acts of his vassals, the kings of Tamriel, and by the end of his seventeen year reign, Tamriel had returned to prosperity. His critics, however, have suggested that the buyback system resulted in the damaging loss of those advisors who were rich in wisdom, but poor in gold. Pelagius was father to Potema, Cephorus, and Magnus, who were all involved in the War of the Red Diamond in 3E 121. Pelagius II died in 3E 99, after 17 years of rule, and was succeeded by his son Antiochus.[1] Many say Pelagius II was poisoned by a vengeful former Council member.[2]


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