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Emperor Antiochus
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3E 51
Died 3E 120
Reign 3E 98-
3E 120
Previous Ruler Pelagius Septim II
Next Ruler Kintyra II

Emperor Antiochus Septim was born in 3E 51[nb 1] and crowned the Emperor of Tamriel in 3E 98[1] or 3E 99[2] after the death of his father, Pelagius II. Antiochus was certainly one of the most flamboyant of the usually austere Septim family. He had many mistresses and nearly as many wives, and was renowned for his grandness of dress and his good humor. The province of Summerset was nearly lost to the Maormer under the leadership of Antiochus, 11 years (3E 110) after he took the throne. An alliance between Antiochus and the Kings of Summerset only managed to defeat King Orgnum of the island-kingdom of Pyandonea due to a freak storm.[3] During one of their marine battles, Orgnum lost his legendary Coffer.[4][5] Legend credits the Psijic Order of the Isle of Artaeum with the magic behind the storm.[3][6] Unfortunately, his reign was rife with civil wars, surpassing even that of his grandfather Uriel II. Emperor Antiochus died after 13 years of rule and his daughter, Kintyra II, took the throne.[3] He was considered a good ruler despite his drinking and "moral laxity".[7]


  • His character plays a substantial role in the popular historical fiction The Wolf Queen.
  • ^  Historical accounts present different years for his birth and death. Biography of the Wolf Queen claims he was 16 years old in 3E67 and 48 years old at coronation in 3E99, putting his birth year at 3E51. It claims he reigned for 13 years and passed away in 3E112. The Wolf Queen novel claims he was 11 years old when his father met and married his stepmother in 3E63, also putting his birth year around 3E51. However it claims he was 43 years old in late 3E98, he was crowned in 3E99, and ruled for 21 years before dying in 3E119. This would put his birth year at 3E55.