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Emperor Magnus Septim I
Race Man Gender Male
Born 3E 79
Died 3E 145, 8th of Second Seed
Reign 3E 140-
3E 145
Previous Ruler Cephorus I
Next Ruler Pelagius III

Magnus Septim I was the eleventh monarch of the Septim Dynasty, the former ruling family of the Third Empire. He was preceded by his older brother, Cephorus I and was succeeded by his son, Pelagius III. Magnus I inherited the throne in the later years of his life and ruled for a short time until his death five years later.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Magnus I was the youngest child and second son of Emperor Pelagius II and his second wife, Quintilla of Camlorn. He was born in 3E 79, two years before his brother Cephorus I.[2] By the late-first century of the Third Era, in his early adulthood, Magnus lived in Almalexia, where he served as a councilor in the royal court[2] at the time ruled by King Symmachus and Queen Barenziah.[3] When he was nineteen in 3E 98, Magnus attended the funeral of his father, Pelagius II and the coronation of his successor, Magnus' older half-brother, Antiochus I. By 3E 109, Magnus married the Cyrodilic Queen of Lilmoth, Hellena,[nb 1] who represented the Empire's interest earnestly. Later by 3E 119, his reign was marked with great success and he maintained great relations with other kingdoms, much like his siblings.[4] It was at this time, Magnus' son, Pelagius III was born.[5][nb 2]

The War of the Red Diamond[edit]

A year later, Antiochus I died, and his daughter, Kintyra II was set to take over as the Empress of Tamriel. The Imperial family was present at her coronation and were even witnesses to Potema's infamous speech defaming the heir apparent before she was banished from the court.[6][7] In 3E 121, the War of the Red Diamond broke out and split the Empire in half. Both Magnus and Cephorus I were at the forefront of the battle against Potema and her allies across the north. Magnus, with his Argonian military, fought Potema's forces in Morrowind and Skyrim, and while they succeeded in the warmer seasons, once it got colder, they retreated south to regroup and plan their next attack. This caused a back and forward that had the war last two more years than it otherwise had to.[8]

In 3E 127, King Magnus and Queen Potema confronted each other at the Battle of Falconstar. By the time Uriel III had been captured in the concurrent battle in Ichidag, Hammerfell. Magnus had the superior position in the ruins of Kogmenthist Castle but in the end, the king was forced to retreat as Potema claimed victory.[8] Despite the victory, however, Potema's power and influence began to wane until it only extended in her domain, the Kingdom of Solitude. From the Blue Palace, she mounted a series of attacks against her brothers, using necromancy to create an undying army. Potema died ten years later in 3E 137 and Magnus named his son, Pelagius III as her successor. Three years later, Emperor Cephorus I dies from falling off a horse and in his stead, Magnus became the Emperor of Tamriel at the age of sixty-one.[9]

Emperor of Tamriel and Death[edit]

Magnus Septim I spent his tenure as the Emperor dealing with the enemy nations after the war, a task that drained much of his energy.[1] Meanwhile in Solitude, King Pelagius III began to show signs of eccentricity as all eyes were on him. Magnus decided to arrange the marriage between Pelagius and the Duchess of Vvardenfell, Katariah of Clan Ra'athim. Scholars determined two possible reasons as to why. One was that Katariah's clan and kingdom, Ebonheart were open allies to Potema and Uriel III. The two's marriage could have been Magnus' way of cementing relations with Ebonheart. Another, more personal reason was that perhaps Katariah's skills as a diplomat as well as her noteworthy beauty could have hidden Pelagius' madness.[10]

Emperor Magnus Septim I died peacefully on the 8th of Second Seed in 3E 145[10] although legend from this time claimed that Pelagius III committed patricide but the historian, Stronach k'Thojj III believed this was unlikely because he seldom visited the Imperial City.[1]


  • ^  Two sources give separate accounts of Magnus' marriage and kingship. The Wolf Queen claims that he married the Queen of Lilmoth, Hellena, who went on to bear his child, Prince Pelagius III, but the Madness of Pelagius says that Magnus was the King of Wayrest and that the mother of his children was Uthiella of Clan Direnni. Even though the former is mostly historical fiction, the latter is discredited for this very information. The writer for both stories, Ted Peterson attributes the former as the truth.[11]
  • ^  There are several dates for Pelagius III's birth. The Wolf Queen says that he was born in 3E 125 but both the Madness of Pelagius and the Third Era Timeline says he was born in 3E 119.


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