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Jode's Core

Jode's Core is a powerful, lunar artifact that has been coveted by even the likes of dragons for thousands of years. It has an appearance of a large, glowing blue sphere with power overflowing that makes it comparable to the appearance of a star. It is located in the Plane of Jode, a realm associated with Jode.


Khunzar-ri and the Demons[edit]

When Elsweyr was composed of sixteen kingdoms, Kaalgrontiid and his horde of dragons came to dominate the land and above all, absorb the Moon's lunar power from Jode's Core. To stop them, The Khajiit hero Khunzar-ri recruited four companions, Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, Anequina Sharp-Tongue, and Cadwell the Betrayer.[1] When fighting them proved to be futile, Cadwell suggested that it may be best to convince the dragons that they were now a willing part of their plans. In preparation, Anequina attuned to Shadow Dance Temple, incited the moons to align to form an eclipse, allowing the Moon Gate of Anequina to open a portal the Plane of Jode, where the object the dragons desired, Jode's Core, rested. The dragon's ambitions would be their undoing, as the dragons accessed the Plane of Jode, but Khunzar-ri convinced them to not simply absorb the power of the core like they originally intended, but instead store their energy within it in the guise that they would combine the lunar power with their own.[2][3] The gamble worked, and the dragons were weakened enough for them to retreat back into the wilderness.[1] To finish the job, Khunzar-ri once again convinced the dragons to play a part in his scheme. He managed to lure them into the Halls of Colossus, where he managed to seal them away.

After the retrieval of the fabled Wrathstone in 2E 582, the Imperial battlemage Abnur Tharn inadvertently unleashed the Dragons from their containment from the Halls of Colossus, thus causing them to continue in their quest for the Moon's Lunar Power. The Dragons allied themselves with the forces of Euraxia Tharn, whom were lead to believe that the dragons were to be used as tools. The Dragons were quick to cross Euraxia when she was no longer of use to them, and was left without their aid against the forces of Elsweyr Defense Force as well as the Vestige. The turn of events resulted in her death and the return of Rimmen to Khajiit control. With Euraxia's forces now without a leader, they in fear of the Dragon's wrath allied themselves with them. The dragons eventually were able to force their way into the Plane of Jode where Kaalgrontiid began consuming the core. With the help of the Vestige, the descendant of queen Anequina, Khamira, was able to banish Kaalgrontiid from the plane and into the void before he was able to fully absorb the lunar power. Though his plan was foiled, Kaalgrontiid managed to absorb incredible power, consisting primarily of the lifeforce of his fellow dragons sealed within the Core as well as a lesser amount of lunar energy, before he was banished. [4][5].


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