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Trolls are large, ape-like, dim-witted humanoids endowed with three eyes. Their powerful arms and claws deal massive physical damage. Trolls regenerate themselves quite quickly, an ability that is only annulled if exposed to fire. In some cases their regeneration prevents their death completely, making the scorching of their corpses the only way to truly kill them.[1] Trolls are found all over Tamriel, mostly in caves and forested areas. The Frost Troll found at higher elevations is a stronger cousin of its lowland variety. Other varieties include Swamp Trolls, River Trolls,[2] Cave Trolls, Forest Trolls,[3] and Lowland Trolls.[4] Weak trolls are sometimes known as Trollkin.[5] Trolls are known to sometimes grow to tremendous sizes, and were much larger and more powerful during the chaos of the Dawn Era.[6]

Trolls are known to be capable of basic literacy.[7] They dislike water and do not swim.[8] They sometimes organize themselves into tribal structures, such as the Azhklan or the caliper-obsessed Kalperklan.[9] Trolls are often trained and armored for use as war beasts, with some trolls using cestuses as weapons.[10][11] Powerful mages are known to use trolls as guardians.[12] However, trained trolls that are mistreated or left alone for too long will return to the wild, forgetting that their owner ever even existed.[13] Troll Fat is commonly used in alchemy, and troll skulls are popular hunting prizes.[14][15][16]

Troll infestations can often be traced back to a troll mother, a particularly powerful female who may have moved into the area. Eliminating the mother is an effective means of ending the threat, although the individual trolls will still need to be hunted down.[17]

The "Udefrykte" is a name given to legendary trolls, who are the spawn of the mythical Uderfrykte Matron.[18] The Matron was killed in 3E 433, ending her line.[9] Painted Trolls are a strange form of troll created by the Brush of Truepaint,[9] famed for the alchemical properties of their fat.[19] The rarely-seen Grahl are sometimes called "ice trolls", although they bear little resemblance.[20]

In 2E 582, the Iron Orcs of Craglorn fell under the influence of the Celestial Serpent. By infusing the skin and armor of trolls with nirncrux, the Iron Orcs hoped to unlock their Dawn Era potential and raise an army of giant primordial trolls.[2] This operation was sabotaged before very many trolls could undergo the procedure, although smuggling these nirncrux-infused trolls out of Craglorn seemingly continued.[21] Circa 4E 201, the Dawnguard tamed trolls native to Skyrim and used them in their crusade against vampires.[10]


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