Blades:The Troll Hunter

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Side Quest
Hunt down more trolls, including their mother.
Quest Giver: Constantia Galena
Location(s): Town
Prerequisite Quest: (?)
Reward(s): Silver Chest , 000000055Fabric, 000000055Dye
XP: 200
ID: QuestTrollHunter
The source of the troll problems
I need to help rid the area of marauding trolls.

This quest is done a total of five times, with it appearing at level (?), level (?), level 24, level (?), and level (?).

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Constantia Galena.
  2. Defeat 6 trolls in the forest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Constantia Galena once she appears in town near the Main Gate. She will ask you to help her with the trolls that invaded her land. She also advises the use of fire against them.

Upon entering the forest, you are immediately faced with an angry cave troll. Take note of the three snowberry bushes nearby to restore your health. There is also a chest to the left, just before you reach the dilapidated raised shacks. Follow the path past some thistles, where you will face your second foe in a large clearing. After dispatching it, cross to grab the chest.

At this clearing, with more thistles, you have the option to go left or right. Each path is framed by a snowberry bush, but the right one is more open. A troll is also not far along it, and the path ends just after it. Returning to the initial clearing, take the left path this time.

Halfway down this path is a fourth troll, second chest, and a small campsite with meat roasting over the fire. Another troll is just past this. An apple lies on the ground before the ruined circle of connected pillars. You then arrive at another crossroads, with again the option to go left or right.

The left, more woodsy, path has a snowberry push. A sixth troll waits for you just past the Forsworn-style deer head marker. This is the Troll Mother, and can prove a difficult enemy. Finishing her will complete the quest, but if you decide to explore further you will come across an abandoned tepee campsite and mushrooms. Past this is another patch of mushrooms, but more importantly, a collapsed rotunda that resembles an old Wayshrine. A red glow illuminates the top.

For the sake of completion, the right path leads you through ruined Ayleid arches to a sparse clearing lined by destroyed wooden houses. A extraneous troll patrols here. Past its domain are two small grassy openings, with some health restoratives but not much else.

Completing the quest places you immediately back in town, speaking with Constantia. "You did it! Finally, our lives can return to normal... I will never forget what you did for us, <name>. Take care, Warrior."

Enemies Faced[edit]

Cave Trolls
Forest Trolls
The Troll Mother
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