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Termites are small insects that eat and nest in wood. Termite mounds can be found in the deserts of Elsweyr, as well as the regions along the border of Elsweyr and Valenwood.

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Terror Bird[edit]

A brown Terror Bird

Terror Birds, also known as Khrasaat in Ta'agra, are large, carnivorous and flightless birds found in Elsweyr. They are very aggressive towards anyone who approaches them or their territory. Terror Birds have a communal nature when it comes to looking after their young and eggs with pack-like behavior, and will attack anything that comes near the nest without hesitation. Terror Birds are also extremely strong and are seen as a challenge by Khajiit warriors, in which the warriors die almost as often as they win against the beast, they have also been recorded taking down a Senche-Cat.

Their diet consists of meat, from animals such as antelope and sometimes men and mer, though the Altmer mistakenly seem to think that a Terror Bird's diet consists of only moon-sugar plants.

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Thorn Gecko[edit]

A thorn gecko

Thorn geckos are a species of gecko that are found in the deserts of Hammerfell. They are covered in sharp thorns that serve as a form of defense. They move quickly during the day when they hunt insects. At night, they are more sluggish and tend to search for warmth.[1]

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A thunderbug

Thunderbugs are beetles that are imbued with electricity, which they can use to defend themselves and their nests. They congregate in packs to feed off of their fellows' elemental energy.[2] Thunderbugs get their name from the shock they deliver when they bite. They can also spit tiny shock balls and call thunder from the sky to attack. They usually keep to themselves, and nest in soft dirt near trees and under ridges. They are fiercely protective of their eggs, which are sweet and feel tingly when swallowed.[3] Thunderbugs hatch as maggots, which are essential in eliminating the more dangerous poisons in Rotmeth during the brewing process. Thunderbug hearts are also used to brew Rotmeth, as they give the brew a signature tang.[4] The thunderbug's carapace, mandibles and chitin can be used to make a variety of goods.[5]

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Ticks are small parasitic insects capable of spreading disease that can be found in fields.[6] They eat fleas[7] and suck the blood of larger creatures.[8] Hoarvors are a giant species of tick.[9]

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A tomeshell

Tomeshells are Daedric spirits native to Apocrypha that inhabit discarded books, similar to the way hermit crabs inhabit discarded shells.[10][11] They are mostly harmless, but can lash out when threatened. They are considered a type of Daedric vermin.[11] Their pages are known as feathers and can be used in magic rituals.

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A torchbug

Torchbugs (or fireflies) are small, nocturnal insects that are found all over Tamriel. They are prized for the usefulness in crafting potions. Bosmer catch torchbugs and dry them out to be smoked in pipes.[12] Torchbugs can be encased in amber and enchanted to create a handy light source that fits in one's pocket.[13] Torchbugs are attracted to the nocturnal flowers that feed from graht-oaks, and often build their hives near those flowers.[14] Some Bosmer also believe that being followed by a friendly torchbug is a sign of good fortune.[12] Similarly, the Khajiit believe that crimson torchbugs are the light of Jode given form, and that they bless moon-sugar crops as they flit around them.[15] These crimson torchbugs are also known to thrive in Murkmire.[16]

Totem Spirit[edit]

A totem spirit

Totem Spirits are spiritual beings manifested through unity and family bonds. They are physical manifestations of clans and families. They embody memories of the past, bonds between clan members, and collective hopes for the future.

Some Orc clans, such as the Kalmur Clan, were known to commune with totem spirits. The spirit of their clan, Atrozu assumed the shape of a bear and was typically protected by the clan wise woman, who in turn communed with it for advice when necessary.

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A troll

Trolls are large, ape-like, dim-witted humanoids endowed with three eyes, and sometimes horns. Their powerful arms and claws can deal massive amounts of physical damage. Trolls possess the unique trait of being able to rapidly regenerate regenerate their tissue, an ability that is only annulled if exposed to fire. While some claim that it's a myth, there have been rare cases where a troll's regeneration can prevent their death completely, making the scorching of its corpse the only way to truly kill it. The origin of trolls is completely unknown, and their reproductive biology is not well understood. Their regeneration is somewhat mysterious, and some theorize it could even work on their meat after death. One Orc who lived among trolls believed that praying to Trinimac would unlock the secrets of their regeneration.

Trolls are found all over Tamriel, mostly in caves and forested areas. They have been known to carry parasites or diseases such as Gutworm and Winter Worn. Trolls are known to occasionally grow to tremendous sizes, and some can even live for centuries, possibly due to their regeneration ability. Trolls are said to have been much larger and more powerful during the chaos of the Dawn Era.

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A turtle doll

Turtles are shelled reptiles found in Tamriel and Thras. They are able to swim and can float up to the surface of water. Newborn turtles are considered quite meek. The Sload slaughter and revive various sea creatures such as turtles and crabs to keep as pets. Turtle stew is a slow roasted dish.

Some are said to have summoned giant sea turtles to aid them in sailing. Haj Motas and the Mock Turtle are considered to be related.

Argonians have many sayings related to turtles, such as that one with a "turtle-heart" is "Hard on the outside, but soft on the inside". Another phrase is "The turtle walks slowly and wears armor on her back. Her soul is cautious, just as her body is cautious." Vanus Galerion likened the Psijic's policies to a "bemused turtle" that lumbers along quietly, only occasionally poking its head above the grass to check for danger.

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