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Ring of Khajiiti[edit]

I Don’t know what to make of him, but theres a gent over at the [inn name] who swears he knows how to find the Ring of Khajiiti. Now how someone could know where the ring is and not have it is beyond me. Everyone could for a use for the ring, you know. Well, if you’re curious, you’ll find the [[Inn name] a bit [direction] of here.
“So you’ve hear of the Ring, have you [race]?” the man next to you nods his head. “Well, let me tell you all the legends about Rajhin and his Ring of Khajiit are absolutely true. There does exist such a Ring that endows its wearer with many powers, including invisibility, and there is even a map to its recent hiding place! I am [name], one of the few who know of its location. Regretfully, I must sell the knowledge I have, but it won’t be cheap. 950 is the minimum price I’ll accept.”
“Well, yeah, I suppose we can do business on that. You might’ve guessed, but I knew Rajhin myself. He was my friend. For months after he disappeared, I spoke to a spiritualist, attempting to ascertain his condition. It all came to naught, until a few weeks ago, when his spirit appeared before me. He told me he was bound to appear and tell of the Ring of Khajiit, as long as it was missing from the land. I know it lies in the dank abyss where it had been hidden by the Underking. He also told me that a map exists to that crypt. The map is in the [dungeon name] somewhere in [province name]. I will inscribe its location onto your map of the continent. Fare the well, [race].”

Necromancer's Amulet[edit]

“If you go [direction] a little and to a little tavern called the [tavern name], you’ll find this shady character who says he knows how to find some old relic, the legendary Necromancer’s Amulet or something. Suppose he’s telling the truth: the amulet is supposed to regenerate any mage’s power, and to give the user protection better than plate mail without the weight. If I had time, I’d be the first in line.”
“A man stolls across the room to your side at the mention of the Necromancer’s Robes. He looks over carefully before speaking. “You may have heard about me, [race]? Well, at least you’ve heard of Mannimarco, the wizard whose robes you wish to possess. You have needs and I have needs, mine being 680 gold. Being impecunious in [city name] is so tiresome, don’t you know? Does this deal please you?”
“Excellent. [player name], happy to do business with you. Now then, here is what I know. I may not look like it, but I am of noble blood, a member of one of the first families of [province name]. For century upon century, my family has been involved in the politics of Arena. Most of the rulers in the family have been servents for the good of the people, but occasionally a bad egg turns up like my great uncle. When my father took the rulership from him, he found that my uncle had a vast storeroom of items confiscated from travelers, including a map to the place where the Necromancer’s Robes are supposed to be now. Most of this he returned to the rightful owners, but this map was last in a place called the [place name]. If you go there, you should be able to find the map again, and use it to locate the Robes. Now I must leave you. The gold you gave will help my father restore some of our people. Good luck, [race].”

Oghma Infinium[edit]

“Ever heard of Xarses, the sorcerer who created the tome, the Oghma Infinium? Well there’s a guy in the [Inn name], just [direction] of here, who swears he knows someone who knew the great, great granduncle of this maid who used to clean up for Xarses’ sister-in-law, and he says he knows how to find the Infinium. But he’s going to want gold to talk.”
“The moment you mentioned the Oghma Infinium, you are joined by a man you did not notice in the tavern before. He immediately starts his sell with a friendly smile. “Did I hear correctly? You’re looking for the Tome of Power, the Libram of Knowledge, the Oghma Infinium of Xarxes itself? I [name], admire ambition, so I will tell you exactly how you can get the Infinium for a mere 530 gold. Agreed?”
“Excellent. In the province of Skyrim lies an ancient tomb. I found it quite by accident while escaping Reavers of the frozen wastes who sought to enslave me. Falling into this forsaken place I found tablets and scrolls which all pointed to the location of the Oghma Infinium, said to increase the reader’s innate attributes to god-like proportions. I have no need of such attention, for I would rather be rich and anonymous. I have however inscribed the location of that tomb onto your map of the continent. It’s called the [place name]. Journey there and you can recover those maps yourself. They show you where the Oghma Infinium now lies. Be warned, these things of power seldom grant their gifts without a price. The Infinium has appeared many times through the ages. I wish you luck on recovering it as it appears now …”

Unlike other artifacts, the Infinium has a unique pick up message:

"The Oghma Infinium is a tome of knowledge written by the Ageless One, the wizards-sage Xarses. All who read the Infinium are filled with the energy of the Artifact which can be manipulated to raise one’s abilities to near demi-god proportions. Once used, legends has it, the Infinium will disappear from its wielder."

Ebony Blade[edit]

“The moral climate of the city-state is plunging, I tell you. I was just solicited in a reputable tavern east of here, the [tavern name], by a scary-looking fellow who offered to sell me information concerning the Ebony Blade. When I asked him what the Ebony Blade is, he said it’s this sword that gives the wielder the victim’s strength, sort of like a vampire! Can you imagine? By the Sands of Elsweyr!”
“Watch your tongue, foolish [race],” growls the man next to you, barely looking into your face. “Many have been murded merely for mentioning the Blade, and, according to some, their souls have been forever damned. If you are willing risk the odds and become the new possessor of the Ebony Blade, I can tell you all you need to know about recovering it. The current price for information is 740 gold. Do we have a deal?”
“You see a dire weapon indeed, [race]. The Ebony Blade sucks the very soul from a person, transferring that lifeforce to you. I think you will be consigning your everlasting soul to oblivion. It is your choice however. The map to the Ebony blade can be found in a place called the [place name]. I have inscribed its location onto your map of the continent. I wish you well on your quest. If you find this map, it will lead you the Ebony Blade. Good luck, [race]. You’ll need it …”


“There’s yet another rumor going around about Chrysamere, you know, the Paladin’s Blade. Well, this guy at the [inn name], a little tavern just [direction] of here, is telling everyone he has information about where Chrysamere is. He sounded sincere, I guess. Maybe if I had the gold to pay for the information, I’d go after Chrysamere myself.”
A cloaked figure appears at your side. He speaks in a low whisper. “Perhaps it is not so wise to mention Chrysamere so brazenly. There are few who would not kill to gain the information I have on its whereabouts. I could guide you on your way to recover the Sword of the Paladin, but not for less than 560 gold pieces – not an unfair price, I think you agree. Are you preprated to pay that much?”
“I knew the moment you walked in, we’d make a good deal. My information comes from my brother, a scribe in Alabaster, a port city in Elsweyr. He does occasional work with the archivists of the city. A rumor grew that Chrysamere, the Sword of Heroes, had resurfaced into the known world. He delved deeper and found that it had indeed risen again. The location was said to be inscribed on a tablet in a place called the [place name]. I have inscribed the location of that tablet on your map of the continent. Neither my brother or I care much for adventure. The money you have given us will allow him to complete his studies and I to raise a family. Take care in your quest. Both the map you seek and Crysamere are sure to be guarded…”


“By the Beard of Thorig, I wish I were a few hundred gold pieces richer. If I woul’ve give it to this guy who I was just talking to. He said he had information about Spell Breaker, that shield that dispels spells. You know, we have those reckless battlemages here in Riften throwing fireballs around. If you’re interested, he was heading southeast toward the [inn name].”
“Ah, you’re looking for Spell Breaker, are you?” A young man behind you in a black cloak approaches you and shakes your hand. “Come to the right inn and asked for the right man, you did. They call me [name], and I can show you exactly where Spell Breaker is hidden. A mere 650 gold and you’ve bought all my knowledge the shields whereabouts. What do you think?”
“It seems you seek the shield, Spell Breaker, in earnest then. Well my good, [race], you would be one of many to find that which can negate even the most powerful of magics you do not need to seek for. King Rourken, last of the Dwarven Kings had Spell Breaker fashioned for him in his war against the Wizard Shalidor. It was lost in the final battle, and from time to time has reappeared in the land. The clue to where it lies seems to be in the Hammerfell province. In my travels I stumbled upon an ancient text that speaks of a place called the [place name]. I quickly wrote down the location, then destroyed the text. I have inscribed that location onto your map of the continent. It is there that you will find a map to lead you to Spell Breaker. I wish you well on your quest …”

Quest Messages[edit]

The majority of artifacts quests have the following messages when you pick up the map, and pick up the artifact:

You have found the map that leads to [artifact name, somewhere in the province of [province name]. You inscribe the location onto your map of the continent …
You have uncovered the legendary [artifact name], lost for ages. With reverence you add the item to your inventory…
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