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In the Arena, you will find NPCs that offer services, such as repairing damaged weapons and armor. These NPCs reside in each of the various cities. All of the available services and the places where they are offered available are listed here.



There is one bartender in each inn. His main service is renting rooms, which come in five sizes, from a flea- and tick-ridden single (10 gold per night, negotiable) to the posh and restful Emperor's Suite (75 gold per night, negotiable). Once you rent a room, you must press the camp button to rest for the desired number of hours. The bartender can also sell you various potent potables for you to refresh yourself; be careful when overindulging, though, because just like in real life you risk poisoning yourself.

If you are looking for a way to earn some gold, talk to a bartender and you may be offered escort and delivery quests. Also, if you are on the track of an artifact, a bartender will be able to point you in the right direction.


  • Due to a bug, not all drinks listed in the manual are available.



Blacksmiths run equipment stores. They sell weapons and armor and will buy weapons, armor, and magic items. Blacksmiths can also repair weapons, armor, and charged magic items (marks, crystals, bracers, rings, and artifacts). Repairing items takes time, and quicker repairs are more expensive. Conversely, the longer you can afford to wait, the cheaper the repair will be.


  • The music that plays in a blacksmith's store is an alternate version of Arena's intro theme.



Mages sell potions and magical items to all comers and offer spells and access to spellmaking services for their magic-using compatriots. They also identify magic items you pick up in your adventures (turning them in your inventory list from a vaguely-named blue to a specifically-named orange or red). Unsurprisingly, they make their home in the Mages Guild. If you see a mage outside of the guild hall, you can talk to him, but you will not get any services from him; only Mages inside the Guild building will offer services.


The spellmaking interface appears on a scroll, with your character's name and level written on the top, as seen to the right. The menu provides the following options:

The Spellmaking menu
  • Name: your character's name.
  • Balance: how much money you have.
  • Level: your character's level.
  • Spell Cost: the cost of the spell if purchased.
  • Spell Name: the name of the spell, which you must fill in yourself.
  • Save vs.: the save that must be made to avoid your spell. This applies only to offensive spells. Options here include "Cold", "Fire", "Magic", "Poison", and "Shock".
  • Target: the possible objects the spell can affect. Options here include "1 Target, Touch", "1 Target at Range", "Area - Centered on Caster", and "Area - at Range, Explosion". Note that changing this changes the cost of the spell. Non-offensive spells will always say "Caster" (this cannot be changed).
  • Casting Cost: the number of spell points it will take you to cast the spell at your current level.
  • Effects: the heart of the spell. You may add up to three effects to a spell. The duration of one round is five seconds real time. Each effect you add causes the price of the spell and the casting cost to rise.

To permanently write the finished spell into your spellbook, click on Buy Spell at the bottom of the screen. For details on the various spell effects you can pick from and some pointers on creating useful spells, see Magical Effects.



Priests reside in temples. They offer healing and can cure diseases or poisons. If you feel generous, you may also donate gold to gain a blessing. Though you may occasionally see priests outside of temples, often delivering judgments to all, only the ones in temples will provide services.

  • Blessing increases the chance for player to hit humanoid enemies, and, due to a bug, for everything else to hit the player. Its effect is 1% per (level–1)*5 gold, and its effect lasts for several days.