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An Ogre (ESO)

Ogres are large, seemingly dim-witted humanoids found throughout Tamriel. Best known for their great strength and foul smell, ogres have steely blue or greenish skin, pronounced teeth, and elven ears.[1] They have shaggy white hair, which can cover the entire body of those found in colder regions.[2]

Ogres are considered to be goblin-ken, and worship Malacath like the Orcs and Goblins.[3] Though like Goblins, they know Malacath as "The Blue God".[4][5][6] They are often enslaved by other races, a practice which angers Malacath.[3] Especially common in Cyrodiil, ogres are hunter-gatherers who live in small, primitive communities, often inhabiting backwoods and natural caves. Although possessing great strength, they are generally considered nothing more than a nuisance and often steal objects from settlements.[1] However, they are cannibals, and have been known to attack settlements.[7] It has been hypothesized that their grey-blue coloration is a method of camouflage against the sky, although this speculation is considered to have been debunked.[8] Though ogre diet is typically meat-based, some outcasts have been observed to practice vegetarianism,[9] to the commitment of stealing vegetables.[10] Ogres are thought to have a culture of a sort, and construct foul, decorative piles of bone where they lair.[11]

Although usually perceived as dim-witted and violent brutes, ogres have been known to show considerable intelligence. Vivec is said to have had a battle with the Flute-and-Pipe Ogres of the West Gash.[12] The Ironhand ogres of Stormhaven were a significant military threat to the region in 2E 582, and were besieged and slain by the Daggerfall Covenant.[2] The ogres of Wrothgar helped found the first Orsinium alongside the Orcs and other goblin-ken after they were freed from slavery during the time of the Camoran Dynasty.[13] Although shunned and violent in modern times, Wrothgarian ogres possess remarkable intelligence and have been known to perform powerful ice magic.[2]

Ogre's Teeth are considered very distinctive, and are often used as hunting trophies or in alchemy.[1][2] It is possible that ogres can interbreed with humans.[14] While some consider eating ogres to be cannibalism, priests of Malacath state ogre innards were commonly found in ancient Orc dishes, and Namira does not accept ogres as viable cannibalistic offerings.[9] The Coldsnap Tribe of goblins wear ogre fur for warmth.[15]



  • Ogres were first mentioned through the names of various inns in Arena and Daggerfall, but first appeared in Redguard.
  • Ogres are considered giant-kin, but the exact relationship between them and giants is unknown.[16]

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