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A Riekr

Riekr are a race of magically gifted white-skinned ice Goblins from the province of Wrothgar,[1] and are related to other Goblin-ken.[2] The Riekr are social creatures, and each goblin is expected to be able to pull their own weight within their tribe, and those who can't are not treated kindly.

Tribes have been observed to eat boar meat, vomit it back into bowls, then trade the bowls with fellow tribesmen and eat each other's vomit.[3] They are also observed to bathe in filth and sometimes eat their young, with some suggesting that these behaviors maintain their social structure.[4] The Riekr have a unique initiation system for those who show magical capabilities where they are exiled and have to buy their way back. The mage must then wait a certain period before they are allowed to buy their way back into the tribe with a food offering such as a freshly slain deer, bear, or echatere. Once the mage buys their way back into the tribe, they quickly rise in status to become a revered member of the tribe, gaining influence with the chief.[5]

Riekr chiefs own objects that indicate their position of power in the tribe. The Riekr known as King-Chief Edu stole and used an ancient scepter created by the Orgak Orc clan, as a symbol of his power.[6] Another Riekr chief who was notably a spellcaster had a totem as his symbol of power.[7] With enough training, Riekr are capable of speaking Tamrielic.[7][8] Some Riekr are tamed and raised to be servants, doing tasks such as setting tables.[8]

Named Riekr Tribes[edit]


The Rock-Breakers inhabited Bonerock Cavern and were led by Chief Iziku. The Rock-Breakers were a tribe who, as their name implies, were known for breaking rocks.[5] In the Second Era, a group of hunters were captured by them.[7]

King-Chief Edu's Tribe[edit]

A tribe led by King-Chief Edu was found near Orsinium, and included durzogs and ogres among their ranks. When Edu escaped from his servitude under human masters,[8] he led the tribe in many raids against caravans, including kidnapping civilians. Adventurers were contracted to kill Edu and his underlings and free the kidnapped traders.[9]



  • As the race of the Ice Tribes is not explicitly identified, the Riekr's similar appearance and habitation of the close-by areas suggests that they may be the same or related.

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