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A Nymph

Nymphs are a mysterious and magical race that resemble traditionally beautiful, naked women. They are known to live in the forests and woodlands of the Iliac Bay and the island of Gorne.[1] They are said to be very intelligent and have been known to refer to others as "mortals", suggesting that they possess a greater lifespan.[2]

Nymphs have their own melodious tongue, which sounds similar to Ayleidoon and faerie but shares none of the vocabulary.[2] They are known to be aggressive towards those that cannot speak it. The hair of a Nymph can be used in alchemy. Nymphs require silver or better weapons to be harmed, have some inherent magical abilities, and are capable of draining their opponents' health and stamina.[3]

There are many promiscuous and downright pornographic tales about Nymphs, but in actuality, they are often quite shy, and hard to earn the trust of. Nymphs allegedly were incredibly knowledgeable about the behavior and varieties of deep woodland creatures, supposedly knowing of hidden types of flowers, ghosts, and other creatures too elusive to have ever been seen by man.[2]

Studying the nature of Nymphs was historically seen as frivolous among the scholar community, due to the common perceived simplicity of the race. In those circles, Nymphs were typically believed to be promiscuous and not much else. Curiously, Vondham Barres, one of the few scholars who tried to study the character and culture of Nymphs for reasons other than lust, disappeared from the civilized world not long after he made peaceful contact with one.[2]

Nereids are sometimes known as "Water Nymphs".[4] They are similarly an all-female race known to have sexual encounters with other races.[5][6][7] However, whether this means any relation to true Nymphs is unknown.

Nymphs are not to be confused with the young of certain insectoid species such as Elytra and Nix-Oxen, which are also known as Nymphs.[8][9]


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