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Narwhals (or narwhales) are aquatic mammals with pointed horns on their head, found in the open oceans.[1][2] The Daedric Prince Sheogorath has expressed a fondness for these creatures, and has been known to enjoy riding them.[3][4][2]

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A giant Nautilus

Nautiluses are aquatic cephalopods with whorled shells, commonly found in the seas west of Tamriel, such as the Sea of Pearls.[5][6] Their shells are utilized in Sload armor, the nautiluses found in the waters surrounding Agonio are known to grow particularly large. Since it was the largest island in the Thrassian Archipelago, it is theorized its abundant resources allowed them to grow to larger sizes.[6] The Topal Nautilus is a rare species of nautilus found only in saltwater in Blackwood.[7]

Giant fossilized nautilus shells, much larger than any found on Nirn, can be found littering Apocrypha. Their presence there has led some to theorize that Tamrielic nautili actually originated from Apocrypha.[5]

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A statue depicting the last N'chorbal being killed by Vivec

The N'chorbal[UOL 1] are terrible rock-skin bugs that were once native to Vvardenfell. They are now extinct as the last N'chorbal was slain by Vivec with his spear Muatra. A statue depicting the act stood in Vivec City.[8][UOL 1]

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A Nereid

The Nereids (also called Sirens, Water-Sprites by the Redguards, or Water Nymphs) are mer-like, feminine water spirits that live near bodies of water and can often be heard singing an angelic, but transfixing melody, often referred to as a siren song. They are known practitioners of water magic, an obscure form of magic, and can either become hostile or tolerant of people's company. Generally speaking, the Nereid are an intelligent-folk that tend to protect the land they live on and its denizens, even claiming old ruins as their own haven.

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A bull netch

Netch (or netches) are large and generally peaceful creatures native to Morrowind that resemble airborne jellyfish with the size and disposition of cattle, floating through the air supported by internal sacks of magical gases. The barbs on a netch's tentacles contain active nematocysts, making them deadly if provoked. Adolescent netches are called calves or netchlings and resemble female ("betty") netches. Male ("bull") netches are larger than female ("betty") netches; the latter can be provoked into aggression more easily. They are usually peaceful but can be defensive of their territory, particularly during breeding season. When betty netches and calves feel threatened, they secrete pheromone oils that drive bull netches mad, turning them aggressive.

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An Imperial Newtscale Cuirass

Newts are a species of amphibians comparable to salamanders.[9] They are the namesake of Newt Cave in the Nibenay Basin.[10] River-Newt scale armor is used by Imperial guards in Nibenay.[UOL 2][UOL 3] This Imperial Newtscale armor has seen use throughout Tamriel.[11] Abnur Tharn once claimed he could turn people into newts.[12]

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Nightmare Animal[edit]

A Nightmare Courser

Nightmare animals are Daedric creatures that originate from the Deadlands, and are rumored to have been created by Mehrunes Dagon himself. These creatures have black fur, burning extremities, and flames hissing from their face. Their eye sockets are on fire, flames puff from their nostrils as they breath, and fire pours from their mouths when they make open-mouthed vocalizations. The ground burns beneath these beasts' feet. Juvenile versions of these creatures exist; their wolf pups, senche cubs and bear cubs that belch fire and plod along with flaming paws. Nightmare Bear Cubs are affectionate creatures that enjoy physical contact.

The Nightmare Courser is a flame-wreathed horse. It is sometimes used by mortals as a mount, although its chaotic temperament makes this a difficult task.

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A Nirnblooded Senche

Nirnblooded are magical creatures imbued with Nirncrux. They were created by the Dreadhorn Clan with the aid of the blood rituals. Clan led by Gherig Bullblood utilized Nirnblooded animals and spriggans as their defenders in the ancient Nedic site - Bloodroot Forge. They have been summoned by a powerful Hagraven Caillaoife and by some of the Minotaur shamans to assist their clansmen in combat.

The blood magic ritual that alters and imbues with Nirncrux can be performed on wide variety of beings. Animals such as senche, bears and guars were subjected to the process of magical empowerment. The ritual affects the minds of animals, making them bloodthirsty and revel in the gore of their rider's battle fury.

Aside from increased strength and bloodlust certain Nirnblooded creatures obtain the ability to summon plant life such as stranglers and command lesser Nirnblooded beasts.

The ritual that alters animals with the power of Nirncrux can be performed on other beings than animals. Spriggans can also be subjected to this rite.

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A Nix-Hound

Nix-hounds (often shortened as nixes) are bloodsucking insectoid pack-hunters akin to wolves that are native to Morrowind, as well as having migrated to Solstheim by the Fourth Era as a result of the Red Year.

In Tribunal mythology, nix-hounds were created by Vivec to hunt the Dreugh during a time-lost campaign against them. However, they are more commonly considered distant relatives of nix-oxen and kwama.

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A Nix-Ox

Nix-Oxen are large arthropods from Vvardenfell, that are distant relatives of the Nix-Hound. They ressemble giant fleas, and are approximately the size of a horse, but move on six hairy, stilt-like legs. They are typically gentle giants that feed on fungus, they use their mandibles to break open hardened mushrooms, and lap up the soft matter inside. Nix-oxen were first domesticated by the Erabenimsun Tribe, whose legendary Ashkhan, Ashu-Ammu, rode one into battle. Occasionally, Nix-oxen can grow to be so large and aggressive that local communities may find it to be within their best interest to kill the beast. The title of "Great Zexxin" may be given to one such nix-ox, as it indicates that the creature is the most dangerous nix-ox in the land. By the late Third Era, the Nix-Oxen on Vvardenfell were driven to extinction by the Ash Blight.

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A Nixad

Nixads are mischievous insect-like fay creatures that fly using elytra and inhabit various forests and glades in Tamriel.[13] They have a penchant for stealing valuables and eating sweets. They can be encountered in most provinces of Tamriel.[14] Nixads can also be found in Oblivion, such as in Apocrypha and the Deadlands. Despite being found in Oblivion Nixads are not Daedric. They do have an affinity for the elements.[15] They are known to steal pouches of gold and sugary sweets like moon sugar.[14] They are also said to pluck the eyes of sleeping children, rolling them around in moon sugar afterwards to eat them as a delicacy.[16][17]

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Nocturnal Shrike[edit]

A Nocturnal Shrike

Nocturnal Shrikes[18] (sometimes simply called Nocturnals[19] or Shrikes) are a race of Daedra found in the Evergloam, Nocturnal's realm of Oblivion. In appearance, they resemble tall, pale,[20] scantily clad, beautiful women.[21] Despite their power, Nocturnal Shrikes are prone to bouts of debilitating melancholy. The race is seemingly caste-based, with the terms "greater" and "lesser" used to draw distinctions between two individuals of varying power.[19] They often utilize dark magic associated with crows.[22]

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Anumidium, as seen in Divine Metaphysics

Numidium, also known as Anumidium, Anumidum, the Brass God, the Prime Gestalt, NM, the Brass Tower, Walk-Brass, Big Walker, and Walking Star was a colossal construct of Dwemer origin. It was constructed by Dwemeri Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac to be a new god, powered by the Heart of Lorkhan, made to retake Resdayn from the Chimer and make the Dwemer race immortal. The Dwemer vanished from Tamriel before the Brass God could be activated, though their disappearance may be directly related to this endeavor.

The Numidium was, in practice, a weapon of devastating power. A "thousand foot tall automaton, a golem or an atronach[nb 1] of sorts", it was used by Emperor Tiber Septim to complete his conquest of Tamriel at the end of the Second Era, but was destroyed afterward. The golem was rebuilt and reactivated centuries later, and became the center of the phenomenon known as the Warp in the West, after which it was destroyed again. Temporal distortions have accompanied each known use of the Numidium, to the point that the Warp in the West is sometimes known as the "Second Numidian Effect".

A second Numidium, Akulakhan, was partially constructed in Morrowind in the late Third Era by Dagoth Ur. However, the destruction of Kagrenac's enchantments on the Heart of Lorkhan in 3E 427 prevented its activation.

Found in:


A nymph

Nymphs are a mysterious race of magical spirits that resemble traditionally beautiful, naked women. They are known to live in the forests and woodlands of the Iliac Bay and the island of Gorne. They are said to be very intelligent and have been known to refer to others as "mortals", suggesting that they possess a greater lifespan.

Nymphs have their own melodious tongue, which sounds similar to Ayleidoon and faerie but shares none of the vocabulary. They are known to be aggressive towards those that cannot speak it. The hair of a Nymph can be used in alchemy. Nymphs require silver or better weapons to be harmed, have some inherent magical abilities, and are capable of draining their opponents' health and stamina.

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