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B'Korgen, a Sea Sload
Sea Sload render

Sea Sload are a species of Sload that are known to be even more reclusive than their Thrassian cousins. They are known to rule realms in the Sea of Pearls, with one such realm being the undersea kingdom of Ul'vor Kus. In addition to necromancy, the Sea Sload are also skilled in the arts of alchemy, shadow magic, and mind magic, as well as other arcane disciplines.[1]

Unlike regular Sload, which organize themselves in small kingdoms, Sea Sload often tend to form cabals among themselves to achieve common goals, which then break up or reform as those goals change.[1] They utilize various deep sea creatures as servants and soldiers, which they address through a combination of the guttural Sload language and mind magic.[2] The yaghra, which were created from crustacean-like bottom feeders, are their most common servants.[3] Yaghra Striders appear to revere the Sea Sload as their gods.[4]


In the mid-Second Era, the Sea Sload were thought to be near extinction by the Sapiarchs of the Crystal Tower.[1] However, several sightings of Sea Sloads of the Abyssal Cabal on Summerset Isle were made circa 2E 582.[3]

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