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Men-of-kreath (also written as men-of-'kreath) were an ancient a tribe of Nedic people. They lived in the northern parts of the Tamriel during the Merethic and early First eras and were among the men herded as slaves from across the Niben by the Ayleids. They were later known to be imported from the North.[1] During the times of Alessian Slave Rebellion the northern holdings retaken from the Ayleids were consolidated for the Men-of-kreath after the first Pogrom.[2] Presumably they may have originated from the region of Falkreath Hold. As they are not described as being Nords, the men-of-'kreath seem to have been a distinct group of humans that were indigenous to the region.[1][2]


  • It is possible that at some point in history they were led by Kestic, who was the ruler of the northern tribes of Nedes.[3]
  • The name "Falkreath" derives from Elvish, and by extension so does the name "Men-of-kreath", though its meaning is unknown.[4]:573