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The Corelanya Clan was a tribe of Altmeri Daedra worshippers who settled in Hammerfell sometime in the sixth century of the First Era. They established colonies along the coasts of Hammerfell, inhabiting and expanding on structures originally built by the Ayleids. One such place was the Ayleid city of Salas En. Research suggests that Corelanya may have also participated in the Bosmer coastal trade.[1]

In 1E 808 the warrior wave of Yokudans, known as the Ra Gada, landed on the shores of Hammerfell. With the wars against the Lefthanded Elves in Yokuda still fresh in their minds, they set out to eradicate the Corelanya elves wherever they found them.[2] A Yokudan colony from the island of Yath was largely responsible for the attacks on the Corelanya.[1] In 1E 853 they were led by King Xakhwan, who in a final push to drive the Corelanya from Hammerfell, sent his two sons to kill their leader. Prince Haqmir and Sameer led the charge into the Ash'abah Pass, and were successful in killing Kinlady Iniel.[3][4] Unexpectedly, the Corelanya tricked the Yokudans into leaving their King vulnerable. A necromancer named Wraithmaster Venerien killed King Xakhwan and raised his corpse. Desperate to survive, the Corelanya also began to raise the corpses of their own dead to fight back. Ultimately, their resistance was unsuccessful and the Corelanya were slaughtered by the Yokudans.[4]

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