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An Alfiq in ESO

The Alfiq are a diminutive form of magically gifted Khajiit[UOL 1] resembling typical housecats.[1][2] Their resemblance to common housecats has led many to treat them as such, whether by downplaying their intelligence, cooing at them or attempting to cuddle them.[3][4] While it is rumored among outsiders that Alfiq are mute,[UOL 2] they are in fact capable of speech. The misconception that Alfiq are incapable of speech may derive from the scholarly reduction of Alfiq to the status of housecats, or from a disinclination of Alfiq to talk in the presence of outsiders.[3] Due to the disrespect that Alfiq get as a result of their form, they rarely travel outside Elsweyr.[3] All these factors resulted in Alfiq resenting being labeled as housecats, which they consider patronizing and irritating.[5] The grave lack of knowledge outsiders have of them does allow Alfiq to pose as housecats in order to serve as information gatherers.[5] Alfiq wear clothing, but as they are unable to naturally put it on themselves, they either have others do it for them, or they use magic to clothe themselves.[UOL 1]



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