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Cats are small felines kept for companionship and for catching rodents. Several varieties are known to exist in Tamriel.

Abecean Ratter Cat[edit]

A brown cat famous from Hegathe to Woodhearth for its rodent-hunting skills. [1]

  • Found in: ESO

Big-Eared Ginger Mouser[edit]

A breed of cat known for its mousing skills and affectionate personality. [1]

  • Found in: ESO

Black Cat[edit]

A black-colored cat.

  • Found in: ESO


A gray tabby cat, said to be a distant relative of the Alfiq subspecies of Khajiit. [1]

  • Found in: ESO

Mages Guild Sentry Cat[edit]

A large-eared cat often seen in Mages Guildhalls. It is said to be able to detect any intruders, including Daedra, regardless of magical concealment. [1]

  • Found in: ESO


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