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A mummy (ESO)

Mummies are a powerful form of undead. The practice of mummification of the honored dead is common in many cultures across Tamriel. This often involves covering the preserved corpse in distinctive cloth wraps; such mummy wrappings can be used in alchemy.[1] Sometimes the body is also fitted with a death mask.[2] Bodies preserved in such a manner are liable to rise from the dead, either due to an inability to pass on[3][4] or due to the actions of a necromancer.[5] Undead mummies require a silver or better weapon to be harmed, and often carry horrible diseases.[6] Those who take a body part from a mummy can be subjected to a "mummy's curse", and will receive nightly hauntings until the mummy is destroyed.[7]

Certain Elven peoples are known to practice mummification of their dead. The Ashlanders of Morrowind use ash salts to preserve the bodies of the dead, unlike House Dunmer who usually cremate their dead. The Ashlanders glorify their dead in accordance with their traditions of ancestor worship, and these mummies are prominently displayed at the tribe's burial site.[8] The Ayleids also practiced mummification, and undead Ayleid mummies are often powerful spellcasters.[9][10]

Men also widely practice mummification. Undead mummies are a common sight in the Iliac Bay region.[6] Bretons are sometimes known to mummify their buried dead.[11] The practice is very common among Redguards; mummification of the dead is a tradition that stretches back to the first arrivals from Yokuda, and undead mummies often plague Redguard crypts.[12][13] The crypts beneath the Imperial City are also known to contain undead mummies.[14]

The Khajiit of Elsweyr also widely practice mummification.[5][15][16] They have even been known to reanimate the mummified corpses of cats to serve as eternal rodent-catchers.[17]

Banekin are sometimes mummified, although it is unclear what this process means for an immortal Daedra.[18]


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