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Western Skyrim was established after High King Logrolf was assassinated 2E 431 heralding a major change in Skyrim. Naturally, the throne would have been passed to the High King's heir, Jarl Freydis of Windhelm. However, tension had arisen between the east and west when Jarl Svartr of Solitude had challenged her claim to leadership and thus called for a moot. Freydis was accepted by the Crown of Verity and named High Queen, though part of the Moot chose Svartr as High King. What followed was a decisive schism that split Skyrim in two, creating distinct Western and Eastern Kingdoms.[1][2] In the west, Svartr and his successors ruled over Haafingar,[3][4] Falkreath,[4] Whiterun,[4] Hjaalmarch,[5] and Karthald.[6]

Under High King Svargrim Western Skyrim remained neutral during the Three Banners War. By 2E 582 Western Skyrim would come under threat with the reemergence of the Gray Host. The Vestige traveled to Western Skyrim where they saved Solitude from a harrowstorm. Due to the chaos caused by the Gray Host, Queen Gerhyld was assassinated. Princess Svana, Svargrim's daughter, and the Vestige confronted Svargrim after discovering he was a pawn of the Gray Host and managed to defeat him before he could devastate the realm.[7][8] Western Skyrim, was eventually reunified with the rest of Skyrim into a single realm following the Tiber War.[9]

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