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Jarl Svana
ON-npc-Svana 02.jpg
Jarl Svana
Race Nord Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Died 2E 582
Reign 2E 582-
Previous Ruler Svargrim
Resided in Solitude
Appears in ESO

Svana was a Nordic ruler of Western Skyrim. Born a princess to High King Svargrim and Queen Gerhyld in the mid-Second Era,[1] Svana wasn't fond of her role as heir, which she referred to as a role that "she didn't ask for". She was a descendant of High King Svartr, whose opposition to Queen Freydis had been responsible for Skyrim's split into Eastern and Western Kingdoms.[2]

By 2E 582, Western Skyrim would come under threat with the reemergence of the Gray Host, resulting in the assassination of Queen Gerhyld. Svana and the Vestige confronted Svargrim after discovering he was a pawn of the Gray Host and managed to defeat him before he could devastate the realm.[3] Princess Svana was able to persuade both Prince Irnskar and Jorunn the Skald-King to offer their support to the Reachfolk, who also had suffered greatly from the actions of the Gray Host. Svana, now Jarl, attended the meeting of local rulers in Markarth, which was called by the Ard Caddach, the leader of the Reachfolk. Jarl Svana, the Skald-King, and Prince Irnskar together with the Ard signed a peace treaty between Western Skyrim, Eastern Skyrim, and the Reach. After the declaration of peace, Svana and Prince Irnskar worked together to establish the terms of the new accord.[4][5]


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