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ON-npc-High King Svargrim.jpg
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Reign 2E 561-
2E 582
Next Ruler Svana
Resided in Solitude
Appears in Elder Scrolls Online

Svargrim was the High King of Western Skyrim and Jarl of Solitude in the mid-Second Era. He was crowned High King in 2E 561[UOL 1] and was still in power around 2E 582.[1][2] He was married to Queen Gerhyld, with whom he sired a single daughter, Princess Svana.[3]

Under Svargrim's rule, Western Skyrim was made up of the holds of Haafingar,[4][5] Falkreath,[2][5] Whiterun,[2][5] Hjaalmarch,[6] and Karthald.[7] At some point, Svargrim forced the widower Jakolar out of Solitude, as Jakolar wanted to resurrect his deceased wife through unconventional and seemingly pointless means.[1] As of 2E 582, though Svargrim was growing older, he was still hale and showed no desire to give up the throne.[UOL 1]


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Note: the following references are not from official sources. They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

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