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ON-npc-High King Svargrim.jpg
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Died 2E 582
Reign 2E 561-
2E 582
Previous Ruler Svartr
Next Ruler Svana
Resided in Solitude
Appears in Elder Scrolls Online

Svargrim, known also as the Wolf of Solitude, was the High King of Western Skyrim and Jarl of Solitude in the mid-Second Era. He was crowned High King in 2E 561[UOL 1] and was still in power around 2E 582.[1][2] He was married to Queen Gerhyld, with whom he sired a single daughter, Princess Svana.[3] He was a descendant of High King Svartr, whose opposition to Queen Freydis had been responsible for Skyrim's split into Eastern and Western Kingdoms.[4]

Under Svargrim's rule, Western Skyrim was made up of the holds of Haafingar,[5][6] Falkreath,[2][6] Whiterun,[2][6] Hjaalmarch,[7] and Karthald.[8] At some point, Svargrim forced the widower Jakolar out of Solitude, as Jakolar wanted to resurrect his deceased wife through unconventional and seemingly pointless means.[1] As of 2E 582, though Svargrim was growing older, he was still hale and showed no desire to give up the throne.[UOL 1]

Svargrim was deeply suspicious of the Ebonheart Pact and its agents. He was a paranoid man who feared Jorunn the Skald-King.[9] He was quick to side with the Gray Host when they offered him the power to deal with this perceived threat to Western Skyrim, and became a vampire lord. He was savvy enough to hide this and had the means of disguising it well enough that other vampires couldn't even sense it.[10] He hindered the efforts to stop the Gray Host by cutting off their opposition's supply of Arkay's Oil, which was needed to make potions that would protect against the harrowstorms.[11][12]

After he revealed himself as a vampire, he retreated to the Tower of the Wolf, a structure he had constructed which connected straight to Greymoor Keep. The keep itself had been converted to act as a massive witch pike. Rada al-Saran gave Svargrim the power of the harrowstorm, and Svargrim attempted to unleash the largest harrowstorm yet upon Solitude. Princess Svana and the Vestige confronted King Svargrim and managed to defeat him before he could devastate the realm.[12]


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