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Advisor Ancano
Advisor Ancano
Race Altmer Gender Male
Died 4E 201
College of Winterhold
Resided in College of Winterhold
Appears in Skyrim, Legends

Ancano was an Altmer agent of the Thalmor assigned as "advisor" to the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. The other members of the College deeply and somewhat openly distrusted him due to his Thalmor allegiance. He vehemently denied that he was a spy, claiming only that the Thalmor wished to promote relations with the College. He was deeply distrustful of the Psijic Order, which he viewed as a rogue organization and enemy of the Thalmor. [1] When the Eye of Magnus was brought to the College from Saarthal, he turned on them, killing several mages, including Arch-Mage Savos Aren. He sought to gain control over the Eye, and nearly created a devastating catastrophe which would have had enormous ramifications on Winterhold and possibly all of Tamriel. However, he was thwarted and slain before he could do anything truly disastrous, and the Eye was subsequently secured by the Psijic Order.[2]



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