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Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Clockwork City
Appears in Legends

Mecinar was a Dunmer Clockwork Apostle within the Clockwork City, and an apprentice to the mystic Sotha Sil, who suggested that Mecinar's intelligence could possibly rival that of each of his previous apprentices. Sotha Sil did, however, take precautious note of Mecinar's 'dangerous intellect', but decided against constraining him, claiming it would be a sin against potential.[1] But eventually, his suspicions were confirmed when Mecinar showed to be desperately ambitious in his research, conducting grotesque transmutation experiments on unwilling acolytes. Through 'steel and sorcery', Mecinar merged their bodies with those of beasts, the result being Abominations. These Abominations appeared to be perversions of constructs that Sotha Sil had designed while trying to create the perfect life-form.[2][3][4] And so, to protect the Clockwork City and the valuable power within it, Mecinar was cast out. In his time away, he plotted his return, shaping his own body into a tool able to absorb power otherwise uncontrollable.

In 4E 201, his plans were set in motion when the Forgotten Hero, along with their adventuring party, tracked the artifact Barilzar's Mazed Band to Forelhost in the Rift. Mecinar, with a group of treasure-hunters in his employ, was able to steal the Mazed Band from the Forgotten Hero, using it to teleport to the Clockwork City. But in the process of teleporting, a friend of the Forgotten Hero named Swims-at-Night grabbed onto the hunters and was transported along with them. After enlisting the help of Alfe Fyr, the Forgotten Hero ventured with his other companions to the Clockwork City. Having arrived, they rescued Swims-at-Night and also discovered a memory star of Sotha Sil, which unveiled the secret power of the Clockwork City: the New Heart of Lorkhan, as well as what enchantments were sealing it away. Deciding to save the Heart from the Treasure Hunters, the Forgotten Hero and his fellowship started toward the Chamber of Lorkhan where the Mechanical Heart was sealed.[5]

In the shadows, Mecinar watched while these heroes fought a Dwarven Colossus and finally disenchanted the wards on the chamber. Taking advantage of the heroes' obliviousness, he rushed past them into the Chamber, taunting them while doing so. In the presence of the Mechanical Heart, Mecinar was able to obtain the Heart's 'divine' power because of his time spent modifying his body.[6] With newfound godly abilities, Mecinar instantly began 'reconstruction' of the City, leaving the Forgotten Hero with no choice but to flee from all of the chaos. With the power of the Heart, Mecinar was able to take control over the Fabricants, commanding them to remake the citizens into Abominations.[7]

Upon the escape and rejoining of the Forgotten Hero and his companions, another memory star was uncovered, revealing that Sotha Sil had created his own set of Kagrenac's Tools, which were able to control the Mechanical Heart. Before his death, Sotha Sil had hidden the tools across Tamriel to prevent the Heart being abused.[8] Shortly after this was discovered, one of the Forgotten Hero's companions died in an act of brave sacrifice. Mecinar modified this companion into an undead Abomination sometime afterward, and even pitted them against the Forgotten Hero in demonstration of his capacity to aminate both the living and the dead.[9][10]

After acquiring Sotha Sil's tools, the Forgotten Hero journeyed again toward the Chamber of Lorkhan in order to challenge the new tyrant of the Clockwork City. After fighting the aforementioned undead companion within the Inner Curiosity, the Forgotten Hero entered the Chamber armed with Sotha Sil's Tools and challenged Mecinar. From hereon, the stories describing the event are told with two different endings of the battle. In one telling, the Forgotten Hero destroyed the Heart to weaken Mecinar, thereby destroying the city and forcing its inhabitants to flee. In the other telling, the Hero used the Tools to take power from the Heart and fight Mecinar on equal ground; the Heart living on along with the city, and the Forgotten Hero dying due to the overwhelming pressure of the Heart's power.[5] The state of both the Clockwork City and Mechanical Heart is currently unknown due to insufficient evidence. Regardless, Mecinar's defeat is typically considered certain.



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