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Molag Kena
ON-npc-Molag Kena.jpg
Molag Kena atop the White-Gold Tower
Race Xivkyn Gender Female
Appears in ESO

Molag Kena is a powerful Xivkyn who serves Molag Bal.[1] Referred to as the xivkyn monarch[2] or sovereign,[3] she is very gifted in the use of magic, particularly in the school of destruction.[1] She wields powerful lightning magic in combat.[1]

Molag Kena, disguised as the Empress Regent Clivia Tharn, ruled over the Imperial City for an indeterminate amount of time.[4] She consistently requested troops from the Imperial Legion to report to her personally, off the books.[4] She moved the troops this way and that, having them defend positions with no strategic value and sending them off to die at the hands of the invading Daedra for nothing.[4] Molag Kena manipulated legion officials with blackmail and other underhanded tactics to do what she wanted, and called one General Valerius to the White-Gold Tower before the Imperial City was overrun by Molag Bal's forces.[4]

She eventually decided to "retake" the White-Gold Tower in a last-ditch effort to hasten the merging of worlds.[5] Her mission was to claim an Elder Scroll to initiate an event known as the Planemeld Obverse.[5] She was stopped by a moth priestess named Sister Terran Arminus atop the White-Gold Tower with the help of the Undaunted, who defeated her before she could complete the ritual.[5]

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