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SR-qico-College of Winterhold.png
Find and consult the Augur of Dunlain.
Quest Giver: Tolfdir
Location(s): College of Winterhold, The Midden
Prerequisite Quest: Hitting the Books
Next Quest: Revealing the Unseen
Reward: Mage's Circlet
ID: MG04
Suggested Level: 6
Quaranir waiting to speak with you

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Tolfdir.
  2. Listen to Tolfdir.
  3. Follow Ancano.
  4. Speak with Quaranir.
  5. Find the Augur of Dunlain.
  6. Report to Savos Aren.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

An Orb Worth Noting[edit]

Quaranir freezing time to speak with you

After your conversation with Urag gro-Shub about the newly recovered books, the librarian suggests you speak with Tolfdir about the findings. Tolfdir can be found in the Hall of the Elements, in deep rumination about the orb from Saarthal, or the Eye of Magnus. Let him know about your findings and he will begin to discuss the Eye with you. He will explain how the markings seem to be unique, as they do not appear to be Elven, Daedric, or Ayleid. Ancano will interrupt Tolfdir's musings and demand that you follow him to meet a mysterious visitor who has asked to speak with you.

A Moment in Time[edit]

Follow Ancano to the Arch-Mage's quarters and you will meet Quaranir, another representative from the Psijic Order. Quaranir will freeze time in order to speak privately with you. He will explain that you must prevent anyone from using the Eye of Magnus, as he fears the consequences its misuse will bring. He will suggest that you seek out the Augur of Dunlain within the College, who may be able to give you better guidance. Quaranir will then unfreeze time and leave, confusing Savos and angering Ancano. Speaking to the various mages about the Augur will lead you to either Tolfdir or Mirabelle Ervine for more information. Tolfdir will tell you about the Augur immediately, but you must pass an easy-level Speech check to convince Mirabelle. Either way, you will learn that the Augur is a former student at the College, but something befell him as a result of his own ambitions. He can now be found in The Midden in his altered state.

The Augur of Dunlain

The Unearthing[edit]

You can access the Midden from a trap door in the northern corner of the courtyard or by the stairwell in the Hall of Countenance. Making your way to the Augur of Dunlain is relatively easy; you will likely encounter a few ice wraiths and frostbite spiders, along with a small number of draugr and skeletons. Proceed into The Midden Dark and continue until you reach a locked door. When you approach it, the Augur will warn you from the other side that your efforts will only end in disappointment. The door will then open.

The Augur[edit]

The Augur will inform you that others (including Ancano) have previously sought information about the Eye of Magnus without realizing the dangers it poses. While the Augur speaks only of disaster for the Thalmor, he seems encouraged by your path and offers to help you further. He will then inform you that you will need the Staff of Magnus to avert the disaster the Psijics warned you about, and urges you to share this information with Savos Aren.

More than a Mere Apprentice[edit]

Speak to Savos and inform him of the Augur's message. It takes a bit of convincing to get Savos motivated and interested in this turn of events. Eventually, he will direct you to Mirabelle Ervine for more information on the Staff and then give you the Mage's Circlet, impressed with your performance thus far.


  • After Quaranir freezes time but before you speak to him you can steal any item in the Archmage's Quarters without acquiring a bounty.
  • If you follow Quaranir out of the College after he freezes time in the Archmage's Quarters, he will walk through Winterhold and enter The Frozen Hearth, but never appear inside.
  • After you receive the objective to "Report to Savos Aren", Atronach Forge Recipes will begin to appear in random loot.
  • When the Eye of Magnus appears in the Hall of the Elements, there is an option to "Activate Eye of Magnus" when you point your crosshairs over it in close proximity, but doing so has no effect.


  • You may not get the next quest "Revealing the Unseen" after completing the quest. This appears to be permanent and cannot be fixed by reloading. As the quest does not load, Mirabelle will have normal dialogue and the quest is impossible to begin.
  • When you enter the Arch-Mage's quarters and go upstairs, time may stop yet Quaranir is not there, and you're stuck forever.
    • On PC Open the console command and manually advance via setstage MG04 40.
    • On PC Quaranir supposedly spawns far from Winterhold, using the console command prid 0002BA3D and then moveto player, this will move him to the College, and the quest should proceed normally.
  • Ancano may not open the door to the Arch-Mages Chamber and lead you there. ?
    • On PC Open the console command and manually advance the quest stage by entering setstage MG04 30. The quest marker above Ancano's head should disappear. The door to the Arch-Mages Chamber should be unlocked. Now you are free to talk to the Psijic Monk and continue the storyline.
  • When Ancano is supposed to speak to Tolfdir before he leads you to the Arch Mage's quarters, he may instead fall through the floor as soon as he enters The Hall of the Elements. Tolfdir will reply to what Ancano says (though Ancano's statements are silent), and the quest marker remains over the Nord's head and Ancano will remain under the floor, unable to be interacted with. Exiting the building and coming back in spawns Ancano above the floor and allows the quest to continue. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Good Intentions (MG04)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Urag has asked me to mention the Night of Tears book to Tolfdir.
Objective 10: Speak with Tolfdir
15 I've mentioned the Night of Tears book to Tolfdir, who seems distracted by the orb from Saarthal, and has some additional thoughts about it.
Objective 15: Listen to Tolfdir
20 While discussing the Saarthal orb with Tolfdir, Ancano interrupted and insisted I follow him.
Objective 20: Follow Ancano
30 Ancano interrupted my conversation with Tolfdir to insist that I speak with someone claiming to be from the Psijic Order, who is waiting in the Arch-Mage's quarters in the College.
Objective 30: Speak with Quaranir
40 I've been led to the Arch-Mage's quarters by Ancano, who was insistent that I speak to someone claiming to be from the Psijic Order. The monk, named Quaranir, has informed me that the "Eye of Magnus" is dangerous and that to learn how to deal with it, I need to speak with The Augur of Dunlain within the College. I should ask my fellow members where to find him.
Objective 40: Find the Augur of Dunlain
45 I've been led to the Arch-Mage's quarters by Ancano, who was insistent that I speak to someone claiming to be from the Psijic Order. The monk, named Quaranir, has informed me that the "Eye of Magnus" is dangerous and that to learn how to deal with it, I need to speak with The Augur of Dunlain within the College. He can be found in the Midden, beneath the College.
50 After speaking with Quaranir from the Psijic Order and being warned of the danger of keeping the Eye of Magnus at the College, I sought out and talked to the Augur of Dunlain, who lives in the Midden underneath the College. The Augur told me that I'll need to find the Staff of Magnus, and to give that information to my superiors immediately.
Objective 50: Report to Savos Aren
200 Finishes quest☑ After speaking privately with a monk from the Psijic Order, I have been warned that the "Eye of Magnus" is potentially dangerous and must be dealt with. After consulting with the Augur of Dunlain beneath the College, I have brought word to the Arch-Mage that the Staff of Magnus needs to be located.
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