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A priest wearing a cross and holding a book with a cross on it (Arena)

The cross is a symbol depicting two intersecting lines, associated with various faiths and used in torture.[1][2] Crossing ones heart is declaration of honesty.[3][4] The cross is sometimes used as a symbol of Meridia. Tombstones are sometimes carved into the shape of a cross. During the Imperial Simulacrum, monks, priests, and friars all throughout Tamriel were known to wear golden crosses.[1]

Some unfortunate victims in the Iliac Bay may be executed via crucifixion on a wooden cross. Circa 2E 582 members of the Fighters Guild fell under the control of a unique Spider Daedra in a cave in Glenumbra; those that weren't controlled were captured and strung up on wooden crosses with web.[5]

A variation of the cross that includes two additional diagonal lines is sometimes used.[6] This design was utilized by Daedric cultists to create iron torture devices.[2][7]

Known Temples That Use the Cross[edit]



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