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Aurbic Eye sign (Morrowind)

The Aurbic Eye is a mystical symbol in the shape of eye, often surrounded by elegant lines and sometimes various scripts. It is named for the Aurbis and symbolizes a connection to the magicka essence of Nirn, and those who wear it emphasize their own anima essence.[1][2] The symbol is used in the signs of many mage shops and guilds,[3] most notably the Mages Guild and and College of Winterhold.[4] It often shares the same shape as the Ritual constellation.

The College refers to it as the Eye of Shalidor or Eye of Magnus (sharing a name with the artifact), which is a symbol born from the legacy of Shalidor and looks upon the College with a burning gaze. Those who join the College have Shalidor's magic imprinted on their bodies invisibly, and as they pass trials marks of the Eye gradually begin to appear on them.[5][6][7] It is worn on circlets and hoods as a "third" eye, and those who pass the final test during the trials find Shalidor's eye marked across their brow.[8][9] In the Altmeri lesson of the divine body, the phrase "The Eye of Magnus is always upon us, in the spells and enchantments that devout Mages conjure." is recited by religious preachers.[10][11]


Aurbic Eye[edit]

Eye of Magnus/Shalidor[edit]