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A scarab

Scarabs are a variety of beetle that have cultural significance in various parts of Tamriel. Scarabs are known to be found in Vvardenfell,[1] and a giant variety has been found underground in Bangkorai.[2] Dung beetles are species of scarab beetle that pick through refuse and collect and roll dung into balls to survive.[3][4] Dung beetles are sometimes kept as pets, and can be used to clean a dinner table between courses.[5] Assassin Beetles are a large variety of scarab beetle found in Hammerfell and other places.[6] The smaller ancestors of assassin beetles were known to the Yokudans as Samara Scarabs.[7]

Scarabs have significant symbolic and practical importance to the Dunmer. A scarab is the House Symbol of House Redoran and it is considered sacred by its members, their armors are often adorned with the symbol.[8] Scarab elytra are used in the crafting of House Redoran equipment, Redoran shields appear to be fashioned from the overlapping chitin plates of a gigantic scarab.[1][8]

In the 36 Lessons of Vivec, Vivec reiterates a speech by Boethiah to Nerevar. In this speech Boethiah refers to Lorkhan as "the Frame-maker, the Scarab".[9] The Commentaries of Mankar Camoran also speak to this divine significance of the Scarab. Mankar claims Nirn is the realm of Lorkhan in some of his teachings with the phrase 'TAMRIEL AE DAEDROTH'.[10] In his commentaries, he conveys the same message with the phrase 'SCARAB AE AUBREX'.[11]

Dwemer Scarabs are animunculi that ressemble organic scarabs that vary in size, with the most notable example being in the Dwemer ruins of Bthzark on Stros M'Kai.[12] There is a Redguard knightly order named the Order of the Scarab, who adorn their shields with scarab symbols. Typically initiates of the order must travel to the ruins of Bthzark and "wrestle its mechanical men back into shape" before they can join the Knights of the Scarab.[13]


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