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This one sees … strength. Yes. The clenched fist and walls of stone.
This one hears the pounding of hooves, feels the straining of muscles. You are borne by the Steed, walker—headstrong and willful. Swiftness is a great gift, but only when measured with foresight. Do not rush headlong into danger.
Baandari fortune-telling for those born under the Steed[1]

The Steed is a constellation of eight stars which is in the night sky during Midyear.[UOL 1] It is one of the Warrior's charges. Those born under the sign of the Steed are thought to be impatient and always hurrying from one place to another.[2] It is typically depicted as a horse.[3] According to some the Steed is prominent in the southern sky during the summer solstice.[4]

Nedes who followed the Cult of the Stars modeled their weapons and armor after the constellations. Each part of their armaments was crafted in honor of a different constellation. Boots were linked to the Steed, the noble mount, "who hurrieth across the sky, bearing night from dusk till dawn". Their boots were meant to emulate the Steed and crafted to "bear thee withal like the bearing of ye Steed, to support all in their celestial journeys".[5]

The Dwemer associate the Steed with the letter h.[6]

The Celestial Steed represents Warrior's swiftness and agitated him to forsake madness and ride against their enemy".[7]

The Steed and other charges of the Warrior are present in ancient Yokudan and Redguard poetry. It "rides the night, towards scale bright, leaving the seasoned Warrior's care". After the blade of the Warrior was unmade by the Snake the chargers ceased to wander.[8] In another song it is "prancing through the night".[9] The legendary Star Man and his followers revered the Warrior's three charges: the Lord, the Lady, and the Steed, offering them gifts and incense as tokens of respect and devotion.[10] Famously, Grandee Yaghoub following the Steed early on the 17th of Second Seed was how him and his crew first discovered Sentinel on the Iliac Bay.[11]

According to the Reachfolk the charges, or the Lesser Stars (the Steed among them) are protected by the Guardians in the Sky who stand together against the Snake in the Stars.[12]

According to the Baandari fortune tellers, the Steed is associated with being headstrong, swift, and willful.[1] The Steed was also believed to "speed ones progress on the road to destiny".[13]

Incantation of the Steed is a spell that grants the caster increased swiftness. It was known and used by the Direnni wizard of the Sinderill Norianwe.[14] All Star-Born horses are believed to be the children of the Steed.[15]

The Altmer Sapiarch's observe the skies in search of signs and portents - patterns and phenomena related to constellations are considered among them. One of such patterns of meaning is the constellation of the Lady riding the constellation of the Steed.[16]


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