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Race Spirit Gender Unknown
Appears in ESO
Tuecille, one of the Cernunnon's oath-bound
"'Your blood for the Hunt-Father! Your soul for Cernunnon!" —Mochveda, one of the Cernunnon's oath-bound[1]

Cernunnon is a spirit[UOL 1] of importance to the Dreadhorn clan of Reachfolk.[2] Dreadhorn Clan, similarly to many other clans of the Reach venerated and made pacts with spirits, both lesser and greater.[3] Cernunnon was summoned to aid them during the siege of Falkreath in 2E 582.[2]

Cernunnon was capable of granting immortality to their champions, also known as their oath-bound and the spiritmasters.[4] So long Cernunnon was undefeated, their oath-bound were effectively immortal. It was Cernunnon who determined when they die.[1] The oath made by their followers sustained them and protected them from death.[5] Cernunnon could grant power to their followers, who held Cernunnon's power within them.[6] The oath, also referred to as a compact made between Cernunnon and their oath-bound was believed to be unbreakable and eternal.[6][7]

Cernunnon wielded powers associated with the Void and could manipulate it to pull the souls of their foes. Cernunnon could also possess and reanimate the corpses of the deceased.[7] Oath-bound of Cernunnon were known for spilling their enemies' "blood for the Hunt-Father" and offering their "soul for Cernunnon".[1]

In the Reachfolk culture the void is associated with Namira and the realm of spirits.[8]


Mochveda, one of the Cernunnon's oath-bound
Erbogar, one of the Cernunnon's oath-bound

In 2E 582 Cernunnon was summoned to aid Reachfolk of the Dreadhorn Clan during their siege of Nordic city of Falkreath and to reanimate the dead in the Nordic crypts.[2][UOL 1] They took the form akin to the Bone Colossus. During that time three members of the Dreadhorn Clan were sworn to Cernunnon: Erbogar the hunter, Mochveda the witch, and Tuecille the warrior.[1][6][5] The Undaunted who aided Eerika Skjoralmor fought against the Reachfolk and managed to defeat Cernunnon and their oath-bound. Although Cernunnon was believed to grant them immortality, the spirit abandoned them after their defeat, and reanimated and possessed the corpse of the ancestor of the modern leader of Falkreath Hjurgol Skjoralmor, Jarl Bjarfrud Skjoralmor. Cernunnon set him against the Undaunted, but the group of warriors managed to put the reanimated Jarl back to the eternal rest.[7][9][2] The further fate of Cernunnon is unknown, but the Dreadhorn Clan was ultimately defeated, and its leaders, Patriarch Gherig Bullblood and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, slain.[2][10]

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