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A Hagraven

Hagravens are creatures of corruption and decay that appear as a horrific cross between an old crone and a bird.[1]:110 Usually they are extremely hostile to outsiders, but they retain the ability to communicate. They are equally dangerous up close or when casting spells from afar.[2] They can often be found in the company of Reachmen clans, who often revere hagravens as their Matriarchs and leaders, or dwelling in secret groves and lairs in the wilderness with other witches and hags.[3][4] Few creatures match the cunning, depravity, and repulsiveness of the hagravens. They will take through savagery what they cannot win through guile.[5]

Hagravens were once witches, but have undergone a ritual, trading in their humanity for access to powerful magic, and the transformations they undergo infuse their entire beings with some element of that power.[6] The Glenmoril Witches of Skyrim were known to be hagravens.[7] Hagravens consume people alive, and especially love eating fresh eyeballs.[8]

Hagraven claws can be used in alchemical concoctions.[6]


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