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This one hears the whispers of court—scheming and revelry behind closed doors ….
Your spirit bespeaks elegance, walker—pillow-soft and dagger-sharp. This one sees … yes, it is the Lady.
Her gifts are sweet indeed for those deserving. Patience, caution, foresight. Seek the highest path to earn her protection.
Baandari fortune-telling for those born under the Lady[1]

The Lady is a constellation of four stars which is in the night sky during Hearthfire.[UOL 1] It is one of the Warrior's charges. Those born under the sign of the Lady are thought to be kind and tolerant.[2]

Nedes who followed the Cult of the Stars modeled their weapons and armor after the constellations. Each part of their armaments was crafted in honor of a different constellation. Bows were linked to the Lady, "who striketh from a distance, all heart afire with sympathy". They believed that Lady bends bowing in the firmament and their firm bows were meant to "bend like a lady whose darts speed true".[3]

The Dwemer associate the Lady with the letter m.[4]

According to the Bosmer the Lady embodies unwavering determination and enduring well-being. Her radiance brings healing to the ailing, bestowing wellness upon them, and she grants rewards to those who persist through challenges.[5]

The Celestial Lady represents Warrior's mercy and agitated him to forsake madness and remember peace.[6]

The Lady and other charges of the Warrior are present in ancient Yokudan and Redguard poetry. She is associated with the cardinal direction of the East. After the blade of the Warrior was unmade by the Snake the chargers ceased to wander.[7] In another song she is "dancing through the night."[8] The legendary Star Man and his followers revered the Warrior's three charges: the Lord, the Lady, and the Steed, offering them gifts and incense as tokens of respect and devotion.[9] Some Redguards believed that both the Warrior and the Lady were "friends to all sailors."[10]

According to the Reachfolk the charges, or the Lesser Stars (the Lady among them) are protected by the Guardians in the Sky who stand together against the Snake in the Stars.[11]

According to the Baandari fortune tellers, the Lady is associated with elegance, patience, caution, and foresight.[1] The Lady was also believed to "fortify ones in their quest for glory".[12]

The Altmer Sapiarch's observe the skies in search of signs and portents - patterns and phenomena related to constellations are considered among them. One of such patterns of meaning is the constellation of the Lady riding the constellation of the Steed.[13]


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