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A shrine to Phen

Phen was an obscure entity of importance to the inhabitants of the Iliac Bay area. Phen was worshipped there as of the Third Era. Shrines to him, known as Shelters of Phen could be found in regions of Hammerfell such as Abibon-Gora, Alik'r, Bergama, Dragontail Mountains, Lainlyn, Satakalaam, and Totambu. Shelters of Phen were also found in the province of High Rock, in regions such as Kingdom of Daggerfall, Dwynnen, Glenumbra Moors, Ilessan Hills, Shalgora, Wrothgarian Mountains, and Ykalon.[1]


  • Ted Peterson, in response to the question whether Phen is related to Phynaster in any way, said that he is "Not sure, but it works well."[UOL 1]


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