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This one sees … strength. Yes. The clenched fist and walls of stone.
Hmm. Yes, your guide is difficult to miss. The Warrior. Straightforward, willful, brimming with wrath.
Heed the counsel of Jone and Jode, walker. Without the little moon, the big one is left to spin alone, lost. Do not count on strength alone.
Baandari fortune-telling for those born under the Warrior[1]

The Warrior (known as the Headsman to the Reachmen)[2] is a constellation of thirty or twenty-eight stars and the planet Akatosh which is in the night sky during Last Seed.[UOL 1] It is one of the Guardian constellations, and its charges are the Lady, the Steed, and the Lord. Those born under the sign of the Warrior are thought to be short-tempered and skilled with weapons.[3]

It is thought that the Warrior's strength is needed for the Last Seed harvest and that he protects his charges during their seasons.[3]

To the Reachmen, the Headsman stands for swift ends and payment in kind. They believe that he delivers justice and punishment in equal measure. Together with the Witch and the Hunter they are referred to as Reach Guardians and protect the Lesser Stars from the Snake in the Sky.[4]

The Warrior and his charges are present in ancient Yokudan and Redguard poetry. He is described as arrayed in hue sails. His blade was believed to be unmade by the Snake.[5] In another song he "charges through the night".[6] A Redguard legend speaks of the Star Man, who led the Yokudans by ship, following the path of the Warrior across mountains and vast deserts. Victory followed them, and famine and desolation fled before them.[7]

The Dwemer associate the Warrior with the letter k.[8]

According to the legends of the Star-Gazers, those born under the sign of the Warrior can be called through time and space by the Celestial Warrrior to fight for him, thanks to this connection they have with their patron. In 2E 582, when the constellations fell from the skies above Craglorn great warriors such as Emperor Tarish-Zi and Titus Valerius were directly or indirectly summoned to their future.[9][10][11]

Nedes who followed the Cult of the Stars modeled their weapons and armor after the constellations. Each part of their armaments was crafted in honor of a different constellation. Axes were linked to the Warrior, "who wieldeth the axe". They believed that their axes should resemble the one wielded by the Warrior, strong and sharp of edge and similar to the crescent moons, "aglow in the light of ye Warrior's stars".[12] The gemstones present in the ancient Nedic ornate clothing often referenced the Warrior and the Thief.[13]

According to the Baandari fortune tellers, the Warrior is linked to Jone and Jode and is associated with strength, straightforwardness, willfulness and wrath.[1] The Warrior was also considered a "stalwart companion when fortune fades".[14]




War-Sworn is a powerful sword imbued with an enchantment that rejects any wielder, save the chosen champion of the Celestial Warrior. It has been wielded by the champions of the Celestial Warrior through the centuries and is capable of restoring lost memories.



  • Early concept art for ESO's Celestial Warrior depicted him as Ebonarm. Although his identity was later changed, the final version of the character has heavy connections to Yokuda and the Ansei.[15]
  • The spell granted to those born under the warrior is called Warwyrd, suggested to be the Celestial Warrior's original name.[16]

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