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This article is about the enemy in Hel Ra Citadel. For the friendly version, see The Celestial Warrior.

The Warrior
(lore page)
Location The Warrior's Hall, Hel Ra Citadel
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health Normal18177368Veteran86200000rounded
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Anka-Ra
Condition Celestial
The Warrior
The Warrior in his Hall, prior to combat
The Warrior casting Shehai Storm

The Warrior is one of the three guardian signs who protect Tamriel from the Celestial Serpent. However, before the events of Craglorn, the Serpent corrupted the Mage and the Warrior, turning them against Tamriel and into agents of chaos.

The Warrior resembles a large soldier with a Yokudan mask. He is encountered throughout the Hel Ra Citadel, and is the final enemy of the trial. In it, he is fought in his stone-like Anka Ra form within the Hall of the Warrior, the final chamber. Upon defeat, he will turn into a pile of dust and speak to The Thief, saying he is free from the Serpent's control.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Channeled Swipes

The Warrior chases one enemy and attacks them with his sword multiple times, and can easily kill them with just a few blows

Shehai Sword
Shehai Storm

The Warrior casts numerous electric bolts at each player, dealing a great deal of damage with each one. This attack can easily be countered by blocking with a weapon, which will greatly reduce the damage done.

Shehai Storm Explosion

Getting rid of his mace and shield, the warrior quickly corporealizes a powerful Shehai Sword in his hands, building it upwards. Once the sword is fully summoned, it causes an explosive shockwave that blasts open the walls and knocks players back.

Unique Dialogue[edit]

Entering the Citadel and beginning the trial:

  • "The Warrior and his army of old Yokuda claim the Citadel of Hel Ra!"
  • "Leave and live, trespass and die. You have been warned!"
  • "My soldiers of sand and steel will strip your flesh!"

Reaching the bridge:

  • "You have come farther than those feeble Undaunted. But you will fall just the same."

Ra Kotu comes out of the citadel to face you in battle:

  • "Air and sand can cut like blades in the wind - Ra Kotu will prove this!"

Entering the inner sanctum within the citadel:

  • "The mortals have come far. But only Ansei of First Rank are allowed in this chamber."

Entering the Warrior's chamber:

  • "The Shehai of a first rank Ansei sank Yokuda. This Warrior's Shehai is beyond first rank."

When destroying the Hel Ra Statues (increasing boss difficulty in Veteran Mode):

  • "I will crush you for that insolence."
  • "You will regret that."
  • "Are you so eager to die?"
  • "You have doomed yourselves. You have no idea what you've done."

Combat Dialogue:

  • "The guard advances."
  • "The calf weathers a rain of swords."
  • "The healing cloud parts."
  • "Look upon the blade and tremble."
  • "The mountain charges"
  • "Death by a hundred cuts."
  • "A thousand cuts, like whispers in the wind."
  • "From aegis to cudgel."
  • "The sword shouts!"
  • "The sword sings!"
  • "Fall."

Party wipe:

  • "The sun rises. The blade shines. First-blood goes to the Ansei."
  • "The calves are crushed under the weight of one-thousand techniques."

After being defeated, the weakened spectral form of the Warrior will appear and kneel at the platform in the center. The Thief and, if the Aetherian Archive has also been completed, The Mage will appear. Their dialog depends on the completion status of the other two Craglorn Trials, Aetherian Archive and Sanctum Ophidia.

Only Hel Ra Citadel complete:

The Warrior: "The Serpent no longer clouds my mind. My sword will claim his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent belongs in the natural order. We will stop him, not murder him."
The Warrior: "All talk and no action. Fall in behind me. The Serpent will learn his lesson."

Completed Aetherian Archive but NOT Sanctum Ophidia:

The Warrior: "My eyes are finally clear. My sword will claim the Serpent's neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent belongs in the natural order. The three of us will contain him, not end him."
The Mage: "Then we should return him to his Apex Stone. And seal it properly. Thrice—if we have to."
The Warrior: "To the Serpent's Stone, then. Fall in behind me. The snake will learn his lesson."

Completed Sanctum Ophidia but NOT Aetherian Archive:

The Warrior: "My mind is free of the Serpent's thrall. My sword hungers for his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent has been confined to his Stone. Now, come. There is still the Mage to free from his influence."
The Warrior: "That is hearty work—for a Thief. Fall in behind me. I will lead us to glory."

Completed both Aetherian Archive and Sanctum Ophidia:

The Warrior: "The Serpent no longer clouds my mind. Eyes clear, my sword will claim his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent has been confined to his Apex Stone, and the natural order is restored. But his attention will turn elsewhere. We should depart."
The Warrior: "Surprisingly efficient. For a Thief and a Mage. Fall in line behind me. I will take charge from here."
The Mage: "How gracious of you."
The Thief: "We should depart."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

  • " From aegis to cudgel."
  • " Look upon the blade and tremble."
  • " The calf weathers a rain of swords."
  • " The healing cloud parts."
  • " The sky falls!"
  • " A thousand cuts, like whispers in the wind."
  • " The mountain charges."
  • " The master draws his sword."
  • " Death by a hundred cuts."
  • " The wall pushes back."
  • " The guard advances."
  • " The sword sings." (Summoning his Shehai Sword)
  • " The Ansei forges a singing sword."
  • " The tide turns."
  • " The stars fall." (Casting Shehai Storm)
  • " Burn in Yokuda's remaining light." (Casting Shehai Storm)
  • " The wave crashes."
  • " The rain hardens!"
  • " The mountain falls."
  • " The sun rises. The blade shines. First-blood goes to the Ansei."
  • " The blade breaks."
  • " The hammered blade sparks."
  • " This battle was over before the sword ever left its sheath."


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