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The Anka-Ra are a warrior band of the Ra Gada. They were led by Emperor Tarish-Zi, and fought their way as far as Craglorn, where Tarish-Zi's crypt is rumored to lie. The Anka-Ra swore an oath of eternal loyalty to Tarish-Zi, which meant that their spirits were bound to his body, and when the Warrior summoned forth warriors to his aid the Anka-Ra were brought back from the dead.


Named Members
Emperor Tarish-Zi (leader)
Ahmat the Forgotten
Anal'a Tu'wha
The Craven Shield
The Fumbled Knife
The Glorious Coil
Kareth of Shadows
Mazar the Vengeful
Namsah the Fallen
Pharethil the Unbanding
Prince Tarjal the Lost
Rajdara the Restless One
Riza the Deathless
The Servile Staff
Tahmin of the Sideways Blade
Yokeda Rok'dun
Ziruhir of the Deep
Generic Members
Anka-Ra Arcanist
Anka-Ra Archer
Anka-Ra Assassin
Anka-Ra Blademaster
Anka-Ra Pyromancer
Anka-Ra Ravager
Anka-Ra Sentinel
Anka-Ra Shadowcaster
Anka-Ra Spirit Master
Anka-Ra Swordsman
Anka-Ra Thundermaul
Anka-Ra Warrior



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