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Falinesti Faithful[edit]

The Falinesti Faithful are a group dedicated to the protection and tending of the four sites that the Falinesti tree city travels between every season. Despite Falinesti having gone missing centuries ago they tend these sites in the hope that it will one day reappear. They have many theories as to why the city went missing, ranging from simply getting lost to having been stolen by a Daedric Prince. They object to the current efforts of the Aldmeri Dominion to excavate the sites for artifacts.

Ferhara's Warclaws[edit]

Ferhara's Warclaws are a group of Khajiit mercenaries working in and around Balmora in Vvardenfell. They were hired by Captain Brivan of House Redoran.

Fighters Guild[edit]

The Fighters Guild is a mercenary organization found all over Tamriel. To join, go to any Fighters Guild and speak with Aicessar, Basile, or Hilan (regardless of your alliance) and tell them you're ready to join. To gain reputation with them, you must destroy Dark Anchors or kill Daedra and undead. Good relations with the guild has many benefits, including new skills and abilities.

Fire Drakes[edit]

The Fire Drakes are one of three factions you can fight for in the Battlegrounds.

First Auridon Marines[edit]

The First Auridon Marines are the royal guard of Queen Ayrenn.


The Firstmages are a group of mages residing within Aetherian Archive. They began to occupy the tower in the First Era. It was here that they found the Great Source, which granted the Firstmages long lives. When the Celestial Mage arrived during the Interregnum, her very presence destroyed the Great Source. Now, many of the Firstmages worship the Mage, whom they call the Learned One, on the upper floors of the Archive, which have been devastated by the Learned One's magic. The Learned One does not wish to be disturbed, and the Firstmages on the upper floors will defend her with their lives. The only Firstmages who value their lives over their magic are Firstmages Anirwen, Arnure and Earil, who reside on the first floor of the Aetherian Archive.

Fists of Thalmor[edit]

The Fists of Thalmor are a military arm of the Aldmeri Dominion's government. They enforce the decisions of the Thalmor, the Dominion's effective executive, and are not affiliated with the Dominion's normal army. Owing to their name, the Fists of Thalmor are sometimes confused with the Thalmor themselves. Some members of the Thalmor are unhappy with how that is affecting their perception by the public, and have proposed that the Fists be renamed to their previous name of Justiciars.

Flint-Tooth Tribe[edit]

The Flint-Tooth Tribe were a tribe of giant Goblins wiped out by the ancient Yokudan Ra Gada invaders. Their ghosts can be encountered in the Alik'r Desert at HoonDing's Watch.

Foolkillers Clan[edit]

The Foolkillers Clan is a clan of Dremora that serves Molag Bal. Most of its members were banished after being betrayed by the Deathbringer Clan, and the only remaining member is Lyranth.


The Forebears are one of two major cultural factions in Hammerfell. They are in a constant struggle with the Crowns to be the dominant force in Redguard society. While the Crowns are the more traditional voice, the Forebears advocate peace with their former enemies and have no trouble trading with them.

Frostbite Raiders[edit]

The Frostbite Raiders are a raiding band based on an isle off the Frozen Coast in Western Skyrim. The group came to trouble when a Sea Giant, Chief Gruthar, led his Half-Giant kin to invade the island, killing many raiders—including their captain.

Frostedge Bandits[edit]

The Frostedge Bandits are a bandit gang found on Bleakrock Isle. They have been hired by the Daggerfall Covenant to terrify the locals and reawaken Daedric magic within Hozzin's Folly mine. They can be found at Hozzin's Folly and the Frostedge Camp.