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Saraathu Tong[edit]

The Saraathu Tong is a group of Dark Elf mages that were cast out of Morrowind for offending the Tribunal. According to Vaveli Indavel, the Tong swears allegiance to House Hlaalu. They use their expertise with portal magic to supply House Hlaalu with trade goods from across the multiverse.


The Sagacians are unprincipled scholars that have occupied the ruins of Tor-Hame-Khard southwest of Shimmerene.

Salt Catchers[edit]

The Salt Catchers were a group of treasure-hunting pirates who sought to plunder Bahraha's Gloom. They managed to inadvertently disturb the undead Bleak Veil necromancer cult imprisoned within. The Salt Catchers were then killed and resurrected as soldiers, or had the essence of their spirits drained to weaken the wards placed on the tomb.

Saltwalker Militia[edit]

The Saltwalker Militia are a group of warriors found at their camp in the Alik'r Desert. They hope to prove their worth to the Daggerfall Covenant to be integrated into their ranks.

They have recently been infiltrated by Gudarz, a former friend of Captain Usnakigh, and his gang of ruffians, leading to the reputation of the militia becoming tarnished.

Sandgrubber Tribe[edit]

The Sandgrubber Tribe are a tribe of goblins. They are located in Divad's Chagrin Mine.

Sanguine's Revelers[edit]

Sanguine's Revelers, also called the Sanguine Cultists, are a conclave of various worshipers dedicated to the Daedric Prince Sanguine located throughout Tamriel. They are based in Sanguine's Demesne, a public dungeon in Shadowfen. In Cyrodiil, they are found at a camp east of Shurgak Clan Estate and north of Fanacas. They may also be encountered in Trader's Cove as one of the parties occupying the location.


The Sapiarchs are a group of Altmeri mages and scholars. They can be found throughout Summerset Isle, particularly at the College of Sapiarchs and the Crystal Tower. The Sapiarchs play a key role in the main questline of the Summerset chapter. For more information, see the lore page.

Scaled Court[edit]

The Scaled Court are a faction aligned with the Celestial Serpent. They emerged across Craglorn after the constellations ominously vanished from the night sky.

Scribes of Mora[edit]

The Scribes of Mora are a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora.

Sea Drakes[edit]

The Sea Drakes are a large band of pirates on Stros M'Kai who have sacked the town of Saintsport and taken it over. They are hostile and will attack anyone who comes near. Their ship, the Bloody Witch, is docked in Saintsport. A Letter to Headman Bhosek claims that the Sea Drakes have held Stros M'kai's only lighthouse for over a year. During that time, 18 ships have run upon the rocks. Captain Helane has had her crew sabotage the lighthouse to plunder the ships that inevitably wreck without the lighthouse to guide them.

Sea Vipers[edit]

The Sea Vipers are crews of Maormer who attack the coastlines of Auridon, Greenshade, Khenarthi's Roost and Malabal Tor. They formed an alliance with the Veiled Heritance with the promise of lands if the Aldmeri Dominion was dismantled.

Seamount Clan[edit]

The Seamount Clan are a clan of Orcs living on Betnikh. They are based in Stonetooth Fortress but control the island.

Seventh Legion[edit]

The Seventh Legion is one of the legions of the Imperial Legion, and is led by the Magus-General Septima Tharn. The Seventh Legion mainly operates in Bangkorai and the surrounding regions. It has allied with Molag Bal.

Shadefeather Clan[edit]

The Shadefeather Clan is a clan of hostile Reachfolk living in a camp near Reachwind Depths.

Shadow Walkers[edit]

The Shadow Walkers are a clan of Bosmer in Coldharbour. They have made a vow of service to Molag Bal, and are in a state of constant conflict with Queen Fah'jik and her clan of lamias.

Shadowbanish Vintners[edit]

The Shadowbanish Vintners are guests of the Shadowbanish Winery's wine-tasting party, held for potential buyers of Shadowbanish Wine at Trader's Cove.

Shadowbloom Clan[edit]

The Shadowbloom Clan are a clan of Reachfolk who inhabit Markarth. They have werewolves among its ranks.

Shadowed Path[edit]

The Shadowed Path is a cult of necromancers devoted to Molag Bal. It is led by one named Dreadlord Naucratius, though he is never seen in-game, simply referred in notes sent to his followers.

Its members can be found all across Cyrodiil.


The Shadowscales are an organization of Argonian assassins from Black Marsh. Those Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow are given to the Dark Brotherhood at birth to be trained as professional killers. Although they worship Sithis and obey the Brotherhood's tenets, the contracts given to Shadowscales serve only to aid the Argonian people, and they act with impunity in Black Marsh.

Shadowsilk Tribe[edit]

The Shadowsilk Tribe is a goblin tribe found in Stonefalls. In their efforts to gain control of the region, the Daggerfall Covenant took over many of their caves, forcing them to attack nearby settlements. They have taken a number of hostages throughout the area.

Shark's Teeth[edit]

The Shark's Teeth are a group of pirates in Hew's Bane. They are fighting for control of Shark's Teeth Grotto against rival pirates the Wake Walkers. The size and might of the group may have been slightly exaggerated by the leader, Shalug the Shark.


The Sharp-Eye tribe (also called the Lut-Eileel) is a tribe of Argonians that are known for raiding other villages. They live in Blackwood, and are responsible for the turmoil in Stonewastes, and can also be found at the Ayleid Well located north of the village.

Sharp Stick Tribe[edit]

The Sharp Stick Tribe are goblins who can be found at the Sharp Stick Camp, an unmarked location halfway between Tribune's Folly and the Strid River Wayshrine in the Gold Coast.

Shatul Clan[edit]

The Shatul Clan are a clan of Orc echatere herders and hunters based in the Wrothgarian mountains of northern High Rock.

Shields of Senchal[edit]

The Shields of Senchal is a group that serves as Senchal's military. Formerly a branch of the Imperial Legion, the Shields originally came to Southern Elsweyr to help rebuild in the wake of the Knahaten Flu. After the fall of the Imperial City, the Shields decided to stay in Senchal.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Shornhelm Guard[edit]

The Shornhelm Guard serve as a peacekeeping and military force for the city of Shornhelm and the surrounding region of Rivenspire. During Ranser's War, the closest subordinates of King Ranser were called the King's Guard. In recent times, Baron Montclair's war and the hordes of bloodfiend have devastated their forces.

Shunned Ones[edit]

The Shunned Ones are a clan of Reachfolk consisting of the cast-offs of other clans.

Shurgak Clan[edit]

The Shurgak Clan are a wealthy clan of Orcs living on the Shurgak Clan Estate in northeastern Cyrodiil. They are hostile and will attack on sight.

Silken Ring[edit]

The Silken Ring are a hostile group of rogue assassins found within the Cradle of Shadows. Founded by ex-Morag Tong member Dranos Velador, they worship Mephala and serve the Lady of Lace. Members of the Morag Tong and the Dark Brotherhood (including several Shadowscales) have been lured into her service.

Silver Dawn[edit]

The Order of the Silver Dawn are a group of werewolf hunters. They were formed in 2E 428 during the Curse of the Crimson Moon, when werewolves were very prevalent in High Rock. They believe werewolves to be cursed and have sworn to eradicate them.

Silverhoof Horsemen[edit]

The Silverhoof Horsemen are a peaceful tribe of horse herders residing in Silverhoof Vale. Although the group has origins in Yokuda and is predominantly comprised of Redguards, it also now counts many from other races among its people. They worship the deity known as the Herd Mother.

They breed and raise steeds to offer to surrounding groups in Rivenspire, which they use to trade for goods they wouldn't have access to otherwise.

For historical information, see the lore article.

Six-Ford Clan[edit]

The Six-Ford Clan are a clan of Reachfolk. They have a generations-long feud with the Eagleseer Clan.

Sixth House[edit]

The Sixth House, also known as House Dagoth, is what remains of the ancient, defunct, Sixth Great House of the Chimer, led in ancient times by the currently sleeping demi-god Dagoth Ur. The current members are descended from the bloodlines of those who were originally part of the House, and seek to reclaim their roots at the Forgotten Wastes, the grounds of the House's capital stronghold.


The Skull-Brethren are a friendly gang of outlaws ruling over the Riften Outlaws Refuge. They dress themselves like the Reachman tribes of The Reach.

Skyweaver Clan[edit]

The Skyweaver Clan is a clan of Reachfolk. They are known for their weatherworking skills and dances.


The Snowblades are a bandit gang who have taken up occupation of the ruins of Nchuthnkarst. Unfortunately for them, a Dwarven device is distorting time within the ruins, causing beasts such as salamanders, welwas, and bog blights to suddenly appear in their midst when you approach.

Society of the Dragon[edit]

Society of the Dragon are a cult of Akatosh located in Kvatch. They have rather violent ways of dealing with those who disagree with their beliefs. They are allied with the Order of the Hour.

Society of the Steadfast[edit]

The Society of the Steadfast (or rarely Steadfast Society or The Steadfast) are a philanthropic fellowship that provides humanitarian aid to people who have suffered in the Three Banners War. The Society is sponsoring a conference for peace talks on the island of High Isle. They are at odds with the Ascendant Order.


The Sovngarde Nords are warriors from the coldest reaches of Skyrim who have come to fight in the Dragonstar Arena. They are faced in the Frozen Ring, the second arena round. One of the bosses, Yavni Frost-Skin, will be encountered again in the Champion's Arena, the final round.

Sphinxmoth Bandits[edit]

The Sphinxmoth Bandits are a group of bandits holed up in Fort Sphinxmoth, in Reaper's March. They are led by an Imperial named "Captain" Accalia, and have recently pillaged a Temple of Mara, killing a lot of priests and stealing relics in the process. Accalia has divided the loot between his most trusted lieutenants to keep them waiting, as the buyer hasn't yet shown up with their pay.

They've been hired by the Stonefire Cult.

Spider Cult[edit]

The Spider Cult are a group of Mephala worshippers of various races found within Fungal Grotto I and II.


Spinners are Bosmeri storytellers and historians found throughout Valenwood. They also sometimes serve in priesthood and diplomatic positions, in matters relating to the Green Pact.

For more information, see the lore page.

Spirit Wardens[edit]

The Spirit Wardens are a group of Azura worshippers in Stormhaven. They were founded by Abbot Durak who was following Azura's instructions to found an order of worshippers, who would prepare for the time Vaermina struck the people of Stormhaven with a plague of nightmares.

Spiritblood Clan[edit]

The Spiritblood Clan is a clan of Reachfolk that resides in the Reach. When a member of the clan is ready to ascend to adulthood, they undergo the Vateshran's Rites in Vateshran Hollows. The combatant's strength and cunning are tested against the legions of summoned Daedra which inhabit the Hollows. The trial is very dangerous, and the juvenile enters knowing full well they may perish. If the combatant emerges victorious, they are granted all of the privileges and responsibilities that come with being an adult in the clan.

Star Haven Adepts[edit]

The Star Haven Adepts are Khajiit of the Star Haven Adeptorium in Northern Elsweyr. Here the Khajiit study and train in Claw-Dances. Long ago, the Akaviri Dragonguard visited Star Haven to build the Dragonhorn Tower where they gifted the adeptorium one of their dragonhorns.


The Star-Gazers are an order of scholars devoted to the study of the stars and the meaning of their motions. They are based in Belkarth, a major settlement in the Craglorn region.

Steel Shrikes[edit]

The Steel Shrikes are a sub-group of the Ra Gada raiders. They can be encountered in two places, Fuller's Break and the Glittering Grotto. At Fuller's Break they have invaded in an attempt to carve out a new domain for Hammerfell. In the Glittering Grotto they are attempting to loot the place of valuables.


The Stickyclaws are a gang of Khajiit skooma-peddlers that have moved into the Middens beneath Elden Root. They have gotten most of the impoverished residents hooked and are now moving onto higher clientele above ground, including nobles such as Lord Lakurr-ra.

Stonechewer Tribe[edit]

The Stonechewers are a tribe of goblins that are invading Cumberland's Watch.

Stonefire Cult[edit]

The Stonefire Cult are worshippers of Molag Bal. Led by Javad Tharn, they rank among his most loyal supporters and are entrusted with some of his most difficult tasks. They can be encountered terrorizing Reaper's March in various locations, sometimes collaborating with the invading Legion of the West Weald. They also have a presence in Emberflint Mine and the Deadhollow Halls.


The Stonehands are Ard Caddach's personal guard. The members of the group are mostly Reachfolk in origin. Stonehands were loyal to the Caddach long before he became ard. They serve not only as protectors and warriors but also as spies, scouts and trusted counselors of the ruler of the Reach.

Stonetalon Clan[edit]

The Stonetalon Clan is one of three Reachmen clans invading the Rift. They are a matriarchal society whose females are transformed into hagravens. All females not yet transformed are powerful mages.

Storm Lords[edit]

The Storm Lords are one of three factions you can fight for in the Battlegrounds.

Storm Sharks[edit]

The Storm Sharks are a group of Maormer pirates led by Admiral Viscarne. They attempt to invade Summerset, attacking Sea Keep, Sunhold, and Wasten Coraldale. They are a chapter of the Pyandonean Armada, like the Sea Vipers, and follow the orders of King Orgnum

Stormfist Clan[edit]

The Stormfist Clan are a group of Nordic warriors loyal to Fildgor Orcthane. Once a highly regarded clan, known for their fighting skills and pivotal roles in conflicts, they fell from grace for supporting Fildgor's claim to the throne of Eastern Skyrim.


The Stormwardens are a group of Bosmer dedicated to protecting and using the Sphere of Storms to protect Malabal Tor's coast and regulate the weather in the region. The original Stormwardens dated all the way back to the original Ayleid inhabitants of the ruins that the Bosmer now occupy.

The Stricken[edit]

The Stricken are Khajiit who were infected with the Knahaten Flu but survived. Their bodies were ravaged by the disease, and they were cast out of Khajiiti society. After being forced into the wilderness, they have become half-mad with the desire for revenge.


The Su-Zahleel are an Argonian tribe whose members have been enslaved and brought to the Ruins of Mazzatun in Shadowfen by the Xit-Xaht tribe. You must help Heem-Jas free them from their enslavement during the related quest.

Subtle Knife[edit]

The Subtle Knife are a group Bosmer revelers attending the party dedicated to Baan Dar in the Ayleid ruins of Thormar. They have a rivalry going with the similar Khajiiti group known as the Pariah's Hand which also participates in the events.

After helping Aniel prepare the celebrations in The Five Finger Dance, the Bosmer revelers move in in large numbers to keep the party going there.


The Sul-Xan tribe consist of Naga zealots who worship Mehrunes Dagon as the "True Egg-Child of Sithis". They have a one sided view of Argonian religion, embracing only the darkest, cruelest beliefs, and scorning the rest as weakness.

The Sul-Xan are found in Blackwood, primarily in the Gloomire region.


The Sun-Eaters are a clan of Vampires who worship Sithis beneath their matriarch, priestess Shuxaltsei. They inhabit the Teeth of Sithis, the largest known temple to Sithis. A group of Blackguards recently attempted to loot the temple, leading to a good chunk of their numbers being turned by the Sun-Eaters.

Supernal Dreamers[edit]

The Supernal Dreamers are a dangerous cult that worship the Daedric Prince Vaermina. They are found mainly in Stormhaven. They are the main antagonists of that zone's questline, where they attempt to wreak havoc by crippling the region's rulers with Vaermina's nightmares. The Supernal Dreamers can also be encountered at the Vaermina's Shrine in Cyrodiil. They are known to work with Omens, the daedric servants of Vaermina.


Sword-Disciples are warriors dedicated to mastery of the sword. They have some links to the warriors of the Valley of Blades.


The Sword-singers were an order of Yokudan warriors who followed the "Way of the Sword", a martial philosophy on blade mastery.

For more information, see the lore article.

The Sword-singers can be encountered primarily as spirits or skeletons, in areas such as HoonDing's Watch and The Valley of Blades. Sai Sahan sought to revive the art of sword-singing, but was unable to do so.

Swords of Solitude[edit]

The Swords of Solitude are a militia group based in Haafingar and the oldest of its kind in the Hold. However, they defend all of Western Skyrim and have done so for generations. In practice they provide aid where the soldiers of the Holds can't, without the need for outsider organizations like the Fighters Guild.

However in the recent dark days, they have found it necessary to recruit adventurers and the like to help deal with the many requests for help.