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"We Khajiiti are enthusiastic people, and those of us devoted to religion often become adepts to study one of our ascetic traditions. In many ways, the religious history of Elsweyr is the history of its adeptoriums."—Moon-Bishop Hunal
Star Haven Adeptorium
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Striking Locale
Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Northern Elsweyr
Star Haven Adeptorium

Star Haven Adeptorium is a settlement housing the religious adepts in Elsweyr.

Related Quests[edit]


Star Haven Adeptorium
Adept Birun
Adept Izjadi
Adept Runji
Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro
Star Haven Adept


Guest Room[edit]

Star Haven Guest Room

The room where you wake up in the beginning of the tutorial.

Star Haven Training Halls[edit]

Star Haven Training Halls

The Star Haven Training Hall is the place where you will end up after you exit your room during Bright Moons, Warm Sands. There are rooms with containers to loot, and a greatsword for you to use during the combat tutorial portion of the quest.

Star Haven Gardens[edit]

Star Haven Gardens

This area is a flourishing outdoor garden full of Khajiit of many furstocks, all adepts, who are meditating. This is where the combat tutorial takes place.

Star Haven Catacombs[edit]

Star Haven Catacombs

The catacombs beneath the Star Haven Adeptorium. These consist of a main chamber, the Halls of Eternal Rest, the Tomb of the Grand Adepts and the Relic Vault.

Halls of Eternal Rest[edit]

Halls of Eternal Rest
A hallway

Winding halls beneath the Adeptorium where the dead lie.

Relic Vault[edit]

Relic Vault

A vault full of weapons and armor for the player to use during the tutorial quest.

Tomb of the Grand Adepts[edit]

Tomb of the Grand Adepts

A tomb housing the remains of the Grand Adepts of Star Haven.

Star Haven Grounds[edit]

Star Haven Grounds
Star Haven Grounds
Star Haven Grounds

A large plot of land within the Adeptorium. These grounds contain the Dragonhorn Tower.

Dragonhorn Tower[edit]

Dragonhorn Tower
The Dragonhorn

A tower containing the eponymous Dragonhorn.

Star Haven Courtyard[edit]

Star Haven Grounds

The courtyard of the Adeptorium.

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