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House Hlaalu kinhouse
Rethan Manor, a Hlaalu mansion

House Hlaalu is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. Their capital of Narsis, on the banks of Lake Hlaalu, is an important trade city. Their main priorities are business and trade, making compromise a way of life, thus they had no real objection to the Ebonheart Pact, rather they saw it as an opportunity to open more trading routes.

Following a golden age under Grandmaster Delmene centuries ago, the Hlaalu are long past their prime and currently at their nadir, clinging to what little settlements they control including Narsis and Seyda Neen. The Redoran currently control Balmora and Suran, which are only built in the Hlaalu style as part of a construction contract.

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Named Members
Councilor Ralden
Councilor Rayveth Morrowind
Angaril Tenim
Anral Selvilo Morrowind
Apprentice Harlin
Apprentice Ithrini
Apprentice Savur
Aryo Hlaalu
Aurona Hlaalu
Balen Hlaalu Thieves Guild
Belosi Hlaalu
Benar Rethan Morrowind
Boderia Ienith
Bralos Hlaalu
Captain Diiril
Caravan Master Girano
Commander Renli
Corporal Seruli
Dalsa Hlaalu
Darane Falavel
Dariili Hlaalu
Dayna Imayn Morrowind
Defender Maera
Defender Verilu
Delos Thimalvel
Delvoni Hlaalu Morrowind
Deminah Salvi Morrowind
Domi Hlaalu
Elouan Genin Necrom
Ervyla Hlaalu
Galori Thirano
Gelii Hlaalu
Gidain Hlaalu
Giron Sadri
Governor Omellian Morrowind
Govyth Areloth
Hala Hlaalu
Hanala Hlaalu
Hlaalu Ancestor Spirit Morrowind
Hlisi Teryon
Hlethena Vando
Ilem Hlaalu
Ivrisa Llaren
Lieutenant Rarili
Lieutenant Shra
Lieutenant Silen
Madov Hlaalu
Malori Hlaalu
Malur Rethan Morrowind
Marlyn Hlaalu
Mastrius Drarara
Miiga Hlaalu
Morami Hlaalu
Nedi Omayn
Nerandas Morrowind
Nilonii Girano
Nivama Hlor
Nivis Hlaalu
Raston Vendil
Ridena Devani Morrowind
Rolis Hlaalu
Sanas Hlaalu
Sarvlos Velar Clockwork City
Savarak Fels Morrowind
Scout Kanat
Scout Mamyne
Serana Hlaalu
Sergeant Delms Morrowind
Sergeant Garil Morrowind
Sergeant Malni
Sergeant Nen
Sergeant Ren
Sergeant Rila Lenith
Sergeant Tel
Servos Nirith
Sodra Hlaalu
Tedoran Hlaalu
Tevynni Hedran
Tharer Hlaalu
Turnol Hlaalu
Ulvon Hlaalu Morrowind
Ultus Areloth
Urene Gimalvel
Vim Hlaalu
Watch Captain Bethes Morrowind
Wren Hlaalu
Generic Members
Black Snail Archer Morrowind
Black Snail Assassin Morrowind
Black Snail Pyromancer Morrowind
Black Snail Ravager Morrowind
Black Snail Soldier Morrowind
Hlaalu Archer
Hlaalu Trader Morrowind
House Guard Morrowind
House Hlaalu Guard
House Hlaalu Retainer
Merchant Protector
Narsis Protector
Rethan Hireling Morrowind
Rethan Hunter Morrowind
Savarak Loyalist Morrowind
Savarak's Personal Protector Morrowind


Lake Hlaalu

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