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Wake Walkers[edit]

The Wake Walkers are a group of pirates named, as is usually the case, for their ship, the Wake Walker. They are led by Captain Dolorion and First Mate Rodros. They have invaded Shark's Teeth Grotto in search of valuables and a legendary creature to give as tribute to the commodore, a person who seems to control many pirate gangs.

Wayfarers Society[edit]

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Wayward Guardians[edit]

The Wayward Guardians were initially known as simply witch-rebels, the group is made up of the remnants of several Reachfolk clans which had been torn apart by the advancement of Gray Host into the Reach.

They are against Ard Caddach's reign, whose stubbornness they feel inadvertently is helping their enemies. When they gained the name of the Wayward Guardians, they also gained the reputation as defenders of the Reach. Operating outside of cultural norms, they arm themselves with Dwemer and silver armaments to help fight against the forces of the Gray Host.


The Welkynar Gryphon Knights, also called the Welkynars of Eton Nir, are an ancient knightly order that serves as the protectors of Summerset. They are headquartered in the Aerie of Cloudrest. Made up of four experienced warriors, they train their gryphons from birth and ride them across the Isle to swiftly respond to threats facing its citizens. Recently, the order led to the capture of the Sea Sload sorceress Z'Maja and brought her to their Aerie for interrogation. Z'Maja has now used her amulet to release a purple mist all across the city of Cloudrest and has taken most of the members of the order captive.

Whispering Shadows[edit]

The Whispering Shadows are a cult devoted to Nocturnal, also known as the Night Mistress, who have successfully invaded the Clockwork City through portals from Evergloam.

White Rose Prisoners[edit]

The White Rose Prisoners are the prisoners of White Rose Prison. They are bound to that location by a Keystone, which has led to some of them becoming feral.

Wildblood Clan[edit]

The Wildblood Clan are Reachfolk living in the Reach. They have a special affinity for Hircine, honoring him with talismans they carve. Several members of the clan were captured and probably killed by the Thornroot Clan.

Wildspear Clan[edit]

The Wildspear Clan is a clan of hostile Reachfolk living in a camp near Karthwasten. They venerate Hircine, and wear the Huntsman Style motif.


The Winterborn are an ancient clan of Reachmen native to Wrothgar, which was historically a part of the Western Reach. They ruled over Wrothgar during the time of the Longhouse Emperors before being driven off by the Orcs of the Daggerfall Covenant. They recently attempted to retake the territory, but were repelled and now only Urfon Ice-Heart remains to lead them.

Withered Hand[edit]

The Withered Hand are a group of Redguard necromancers terrorizing the people of the Alik'r Desert. They have stolen the ancient Ansei Wards that protect the Alik'r from necromancy.


The Wolfpack is a group of Bosmer werewolves led by Nimriian and inhabiting Weeping Wind Cave in Reaper's March.

Wood Orcs[edit]

Wood Orcs are Orcs who live in Valenwood. They are cousins to the northern Orcs of Orsinium but have adapted to the woods of Valenwood and can rival the Bosmer in speed and movement through the trees. There are two main tribes of Wood Orcs in Valenwood, the Drublog and the Lhurgash clans. The Wood Orcs claim to have lived in Valenwood since before the Aldmer even came from Aldmeris.

Wooded Eye[edit]

The Wooded Eye is a cult of Bosmer devoted to the safekeeping of Herma-Mora's knowledge stored inside the Ayleid ruin of Ilmyris, who they also call the Woodland Man. Their number used to be greater but a large portion of their members was slain during a Daedric invasion. As a quest reward for completing The Flooded Grove, you are awarded the Circlet of the Wooded Eye.

Worm Cult[edit]

The Worm Cult, also known as the Order of the Black Worm, is a brotherhood of necromancers led by the ex-Psijic Mannimarco.