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(lore page)
Location Summerset Isle, Gryphon Aerie, Gryphon Run
Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr
Species Gryphon
Health 103494
108669 (In and around Gryphon Run)
119538 (Snowcap mother from Gryphon Grievance)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
A gryphon

Gryphons (sometimes spelled griffins) are large, carnivorous flying creatures with the body of a lion and the wings, talons, and beak of an eagle. They appear in Summerset Isle. Gryphons aren't know to seek out elven flesh, but will defend their territory fiercely and are known to eat anything foolish enough to wander into their territory.

Adult gryphons can often be found near Fledgling Gryphons in the wilds of Summerset. They are also found near gryphon nests, as well as eating prey that they've caught in the wild. A wild gryphon eating prey can be found on the shores of the lake outside Archon's Grove. Gryphon nests can be found at Gryphon Run and Gryphon Aerie, and near Rellenthil. Chances are, if you see a Fledgling Gryphon in the wild, there's an adult relaxing or hunting nearby. While the chicks cannot be harmed, the supervising adults certainly can, and will attack if you get too close. Additionally, aesthetic, non-hostile flying gryphons can be seen consistently in the skies above Gryphon Run, as the area is chock-full of massive gryphon nests. Gryphons can also be found in the crags of Northern Elsweyr, near Cicatrice and flying around the cliffs of the Ashen Scar.

Gryphons are both respected and feared by the residents of the Summerset Isles, and for good reason. Unprepared players may be easily dispatched by an angry Gryphon. They are large and armed with flesh-tearing beaks and razor-sharp claws.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

On the Ground[edit]

You are pecked by the Gryphon, dealing minor physical damage.
The gryphon rears up on its hind legs and brings its talons down on you, dealing major physical damage in a conal AoE.
Slashing Talon
Gryphons will swipe at one player with their claws when they are grounded, dealing mild physical damage. When a Gryphon attacks with its claws, it will apply a bleed DoT to its target.
Talon Slice
The Gryphon swings its claws at you, dealing mild physical damage.
The gryphon rushes towards you at top speed, dealing major physical damage. Only preformed when the gryphon is some distance away from you. The gryphon may leap several meters back before vaulting at you.
Gusts of Wind
The Gryphon may occasionally beat its wings when it attacks, whipping up small tornadoes. These gusts deal minor damage and CC players that get hit.

In the Air[edit]

Take Flight
As a Gryphon is preparing to swap into "Flight Phase," a massive AOE will begin to spread on the ground beneath it, knocking back any players standing within. The tell for this ability is when it crouches, giving several preparatory flaps of its wings before swooping upwards.
Sudden Gust
When a Gryphon takes flight, it unleashes a small gust of wind that knocks back whoever it hits. Deals mild physical damage.
Death from Above
When a Gryphon is airborne, it will dip down and swoop back up, dealing major physical damage.
The gryphon twists its body in mid air and unleashes a swirling cyclone with its powerful wings. Deals moderate to major damage.
Aerial Pounce
The Gryphon swoops down at you, knocking you over and dealing major physical damage. If it hits, the Gryphon will land. It usually uses Feast after this.
The Gryphon mauls you, dealing moderate physical damage over time for as long as you allow the attack to continue. You must break free to stop the damage.


Darremalatu, a unique Gryphon



  • Yokudan statues that appear in al-Danobia Tomb are similar in appearance to gryphons, but with the head of the ibis. They can purchased as furnishings, but are referred to as "griffins".
  • Gryphons are depicted in several Alinor furnishings, including a tapestry and a statue. They can be crafted or purchased for housing.
  • When Cloudrest appeared in Arena, there were two inns called the "King's Griffin" and "Silver Griffin".
  • Wild Gryphons are hostile, though there are some friendly Gryphons: Belanaril, Falarielle, Silaeda, Darremalatu and Sunnawel are among them.
  • The Gryphon's Ferocity set is named after the titular Gryphon, and can be found on Summerset.
  • Vulture Gryphons also exist, and eat carrion (as implied by their namesake). Adults of this variety are not found in-game, though a fledgling may be acquired as a noncombat pet from Dragonscale Crown Crates.
  • There is a dead Sea Sload in one of the nests at Gryphon Run. The nest is atop a large rock structure immediately to the right once you cross the bridge.
  • Unsurprisingly, gryphon nests resemble very large real-life eagle nests.