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Location Cloudrest
Shimmerene (after quest)
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Welkynars
Olorime at the entrance of Cloudrest, with Darre behind her
Olorime riding Darremalatu

Welkynar Olorime is an Altmer member of the Welkynar Gryphon Knights, the protectors of Cloudrest, who have been decimated by the attack on the city perpetrated by Z'Maja. She has managed to save some of the citizens and enlists your help in defeating Z'Maja and the Welkynars she controls. During the trial, she can be seen flying on her gryphon Darremalatu and gives out tips for combat.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Woe of the Welkynars[edit]

Speaking to her at the entrance of Cloudrest:

"You've picked a grim day to visit Cloudrest, traveler.
The city has been besieged by the Sea Sload Z'Maja, a sorceress who commands darkness itself. Most have already evacuated. I'd turn back now, if I were you."
I could help you fight this Sea Sload.
"I admire your bravery, but defeating her will be no easy task.
Z'Maja was almost impossible to take down alone. Now she commands shadow replicas of the Welkynars, dark imitations that possess all of their legendary skill in combat."
The Welkynars?
"An order of Summerset knights, which I'm honored to be a part of.
Z'Maja was able to capture and somehow replicate my three companions. Even if fought alone, these shadows will be difficult to defeat. Do you think yourself capable of such a task?"
I can help you defeat these shadow warriors and take down Z'Maja.
"If you're willing to fight, so am I. Z'Maja lies within the Aerie, just beyond the gate. If we strike against the Sea Sload first, she'll summon the shadow warriors to her side. It'll be an easier battle if we take the replicas out first."
What do you know of Z'Maja?
"The fact that she's a Sload should tell you the most of what you need to know. She's cunning, powerful, and filled with hatred. I've never seen the likes of her shadow magic before, and I hope I never do again."
Tell me about her powers.
"The darkness she's summoned here saps the life of all it touches. She can also conjure shadow creatures which serve her. She used that magic to create... copies of my companions. Dark reflections."
Dark reflections?
"Beings of shadow, which hold the might of the warriors they mimic. Unfortunately, my companions are all Welkynars, some of the greatest fighters in Summerset. Defeating their dark counterparts in battle will not be an easy victory."
Tell me more about the Welkynars.
"The Welkynars of Eton Nir are warriors, destined to protect all of Summerst. We lend our strength to whoever needs us most, though our duties vary. The last dispatch we received was to aid in the capture and interrogation of Z'Maja."
So you're the ones who brought Z'Maja into Cloudrest?
"We did. I now know her capture was a trap. A way to infiltrate my order. The defeat of the Welkynars would greatly weaken the Isle. We must attempt to save my companions, should they still live. Summerset needs them."
How can I defeat their shadow replicas?
"My advice? Divide and conquer. Last I saw, each shadow warrior stands alone. Fight them separately, and Z'Maja's defenses will be greatly weakened. The more shadows we defeat, the more likely we can be rid of that vile toad."
I can't help but notice the gryphon behind you.
"Oh, you mean Darre? Don't worry about him! He's a sweet thing, truly. All Welkynars have a gryphon by their side. They not only allow us to freely travel across the Isle, but also aid us in battle. They're even the symbol of our order."
I thought gryphons were wild animals.
"Most are! But the gryphons of the Welkynars are... different. Magically so. I'm sure there's a book around here describing the various rituals and whatnot. Just know that Darre is a more competent warrior than most. Politer, too."

After you agree to help, she will lead you across the bridge while mounted on her gryphon. While she does, Olorime will give a speech.

Olorime: "Only a great warrior could defeat Z'Maja with all three shadow warriors by her side."
Olorime: "Remember! Divide and conquer. Take those shadow replicas out one at a time."
Olorime: "Do you see how Cloudrest has fallen? This will be Summerset's fate, if we don't stop that accursed Sea Sload once and for all!"
Olorime: "We must stop Z'Maja, before her darkness spreads!"

Killing the Other Welkynars[edit]

If you end up killing her fellow Welkynars, Z'Maja will mock you while Olorime laments the loss.

After the Shade of Galenwe's defeat:

Shade of Galenwe: "I lost? How … unlikely."
Z'Maja: "I suppose poor Galenwe wasn't so useful after all."
Galenwe: "How could I … be so … foolish?"
Olorime: "We'll avenge your death, Galenwe! I swear it!"

After the Shade of Siroria's defeat:

Shade of Siroria: "I was … defeated?"
Z'Maja: "Now, now. If you're not going to play fair, neither am I."
Siroria: "No! I can't … fall … like this!"
Olorime: "Siroria …. Siroria! No!
There's no time to mourn now. Quickly, let's move on."

After the Shade of Relequen's defeat:

Shade of Relequen: "Z'Maja will … crush you."
Relequen: "I'm sorry Olorime … we failed you."
Z'Maja: "How does it feel Olorime? To see your companions die?"
Olorime: "Curse you, Z'Maja! You'll never get away with this!"

The Fight Against Z'Maja and the Aftermath[edit]

The beginning of the fight with Z'Maja, if the Welkynar's Shades have been left alive:

Z'Maja: "I am not alone in this fight! My shadows shall aid me."
Olorime: "These shades will fail you, Z'Maja. The Welkynars' strength shall tear through your shadows!"

The Speech following Z'Maja's defeat differs depending on which of the Welkynars have died, and how many you've saved. If all of the Welkynars have died:

Z'Maja: "Cloudrest has already fallen, you fools … And so have the Welkynars."
Olorime: "Z'Maja is defeated but …. My companions. My friends. All gone …
Olorime: "I won't allow their sacrifice to be in vain. I'll make sure the Welkynar traditions live on.
Olorime: "I'll rebuild my order, and keep protecting Summerset. I swear it!"

If one or two of the Welkynars have died, the conversation will go differently. If Relequen survived:

Olorime: "We've defeated Z'Maja, but at what cost?"
Relequen: "Olorime, my power … it hasn't recovered. I'm not sure if it ever will. I'm not sure … if I can still fight by your side."
Olorime: "No … no, we can't give up hope now! I know we can rebuild our order. Together."
Olorime: "We'll train a generation to protect Summerset, stronger than before!"
Relequen: "Well, when you put it like that …. I have always been an excellent mentor."

If Galenwe survived:

Olorime: "We've defeated Z'Maja, but at what cost?"
Galenwe: "Olorime, whatever happened to me has … drained me of my power. I doubt I'll ever recover. An early retirement for me, I suppose."
Olorime: "No … no, we can't give up hope now! I know we can rebuild our order. Together."
Olorime: "We'll train a generation to protect Summerset, stronger than before!"
Galenwe: "Quite the proposal you have there. Well, we may not have very good odds but … we'll make due. Of that, I'm sure."

If Siroria survived:

Olorime: "We've defeated Z'Maja, but at what cost?"
Siroria: "Olorime, my power … I can't feel it. It's gone. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fight again."
Olorime: "No … no, we can't give up hope now! I know we can rebuild our order. Together."
Olorime: "We'll train a generation to protect Summerset, stronger than before!"
Siroria: "You're right, as usual. I swear to never give up on our order, as long as there's breath in my lungs! You can count on that."

where does this occur?

(?): "Let's save the victory speech for later, Relequen."

where does this occur? after all of them have been saved? vet? normal?:

Olorime: "Z'Maja is defeated! My friends, now is the time to reclaim your strength!"
Olorime: "Quickly, absorb the shadow taken from you!"
(?): "I agree. It's now time for us to reclaim our power!"

If all of the Welkynars have been saved: The Welkynars jump down from the ledges they were imprisoned over.

Relequen: "Never have I seen such a resounding victory! The bards shall sing of this day."
Siroria: "Finally, my flame burns once more!"
Relequen: "I feel my power again as well. The Welkynars shall continue on!"
Galenwe: "Yes, though I can't say the same for Cloudrest. The city may never recover."
Olorime: "My friends, we're all alive! We can all fight! And together, there's nothing we can't do."

Once Z'Maja has been slain, you can talk to Olorime. Her words will vary depending on how many of her fellow Welknyars survived:

"It was a hard battle, but Z'Maja has been defeated.
We may not have been able to save Cloudrest, but there was no telling what devastation she had planned for the rest of Summerset. You've done this Isle a great service."
If any shades have been killed before fighting Z'Maja:
If all the Welkynars died:
All three Welkynar survived:
What about the Welkynars?
"As long as Summerset needs us, my order will remain.
I'll rebuild. Train new riders to honor our traditions. We'll come back from this defeat, stronger than ever. I assure you, this isn't the end of the Welkynars."
What about the Welkynars?
"As long as Summerset needs us, my order will remain.
I'll rebuild. Train new riders to honor our traditions. We'll come back from this defeat, stronger than ever. I assure you, this isn't the end of the Welkynars."
What about the Welkynars?
"We'll continue to protect Summerset from all that would harm it. Once my companions rebuild their strength, of course. In the meantime, we'll oversee the efforts of rebuilding Cloudrest.
I couldn't have done this without all your help. Thank you."

If you didn't pick up the quest at the beginning of the trial, you can loot an item off of Z'Maja's corpse to give to Olorime for a reward. On Normal, this item is Z'Maja's Amulet Chain.

I have the chain from Z'Maja's amulet.
"Amazing. I feel the presence of Z'Maja's power within it, though it's faint. If I can analyze that magic, I'll be better prepared to counter it in future battles.
Thank you for bringing me this."

On Veteran, this item is Z'Maja's Shattered Amulet.

I have Z'Maja's amulet, though it's severely damaged.
"A curious find. Perhaps some residue of her power still persists on it. If I can analyze that magic, I'll be better prepared to counter it in future battles.
Thank you for bringing me this."

If you completed hard mode on Veteran, she says something slightly different when you present her with the shattered amulet.

I have Z'Maja's amulet, though it's severely damaged.
"This is quite the find! I can already feel Z'Maja's power within the gem. With this, I'll be able to analyze her magic and learn how to possibly counter it.
Thank you greatly for bringing me this."

She can then be asked some more questions before you leave Cloudrest.

"I still can't believe you were able to defeat Z'Maja. A feat not even the Welkynars could accomplish, in all their might.
I'm so grateful the Stars led you to Cloudrest."
How was Z'Maja able to use this magic?
"I believe Z'Maja's dark powers were sourced from her amulet. Where she found such an item, I have no idea. It must have been gifted by someone quite powerful.
Still, now I know how best to face such power, should I meet it again."
Will rebuilding your order be difficult? (if not all of the Welkynars have been saved)
"I'm afraid so. Typically, each Welkynar will take on an apprentice before they retire. Years of training are required. Not to mention the trouble of finding the gryphon eggs.
It will be quite some time until my order is back at full strength."
How are your companions? (if all the Welkynars have been saved)
"Fortunately, they seem to be all back at their full strength. I can't imagine what would happen if I'd lost even one of my friends.
Our order shall continue, thanks to your great victory."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

During combat with any boss, including Z'Maja, she will shout out commands. Especially during the Shadow Gate Phases:

"Quickly, you must get within Z'Maja's gate!"
"Z'Maja's creatures flow through the gateway. Push them back!"
"Quickly! Stand within my light!"
"My spear of light shall show you the way!"
"Defeat those shadow creatures, before you're overrun!"
"Beat back Z'Maja's shadow creatures, before it's too late!"
"We can't allow Z'Maja's gateway to remain open! It must be collapsed from within."
"Z'Maja's creatures flow through the gateway. Push them back!"
"Here! This light will carve a path through the darkness!"
"Z'Maja opened a gate into her dark realm! We must destroy it."
"Feel the light of the Welkynar!"
"Excellent work. Keep it up!"
"This darkness is nothing against my light!"
"Thank the Stars you were successful!"
"My light will tear through the darkness!"

During combat with Z'Maja: If all 3 Welkynar Shades are going to be present during the fight:

"We must destroy the gateway's source of power!"
"If that gateway isn't destroyed, Z'Maja's shade will soon cross over!"
"Z'Maja's shadow will soon cross to our world! Destroy that gateway!"
"Z'Maja's shade will soon be upon us. The gateway must be abolished!"
"Hurry! Locate the power source of Z'Maja's gateway and destroy it."
"On your guard. Those tendrils look perilous."
"She's summoning her shadow tendrils! Watch out!"
"Those shadow tendrils are dangerous! Be on guard."
"The gateway grows in strength. We must seal it off quickly."

During Z'maja's Execute Phase:

"Z'Maja's link to her shade is crippled. Extinguish the shade and we can end this!"
"You'll need to heal yourselves to overcome those shadows!"
"Quickly, heal yourselves! Or those shadows will continue to drain you!"
"You must be at full strength to vanquish those shadows!"



Olorime in Shimmerene

She can later be met in Shimmerene after helping her in Cloudrest.

"Honor and praise! I'm glad the Stars saw fit to see our paths cross again, my friend.
Cloudrest's recovery has been going smoothly, with the help of my order. It'll take time, but I can already see my city coming alive once more."
How goes training new riders?
"I've found many warriors willing to take on the position, but few worthy. Still, there are some who have shown promise.
The gryphons are the tricky bit. The brood mothers always tend to be territorial."
Do you gather the eggs yourself?
"Me? Oh no, of course not! The initiates do that.
Why, I still remember the day I picked up Darre's egg. I had to camp out three nights before I even had the opportunity. Even then, I nearly lost my head to his mother."
Are your fellow Welkynars well? (If all 3 riders were defeated alongside Z'Maja)
"As well as can be expected, given what we've been through.
Still, everyone seems to have recovered. Siroria said that if she had to stay another minute in bed, she'd set it on fire. I take that as a good sign."
What are you doing in Shimmerene?
"Begging the nobles for funds. What else?
They're not particularly pleased with this whole embarrassment. That's exactly how they refer to it, too. An embarrassment. They'd rather ignore Cloudrest exists than admit to any kind of defeat."
Do you think you'll be able to secure funding?
"Oh, I'll get that funding all right. One way or another.
Maybe next meeting I'll bring Darre along. Try to scare some sense into those bureaucrats. Actually … that's not a half bad idea."



  • When Olorime is riding Darremalatu on the bridge in the aerie and begins to fly off, she and her gryphon will disappear instead of the animation playing. Her model may also briefly appear floating in mid-air before she is seen riding the gryphon.