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Location Cloudrest Aerie
Species Sea Sload
Health Normal22721708Veteran64.X million[verification needed] Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (initially, before defeating her yaghra)
Other Information
Faction(s) Abyssal Cabal

Z'Maja is a Sea Sload sorceress of the Abyssal Cabal who is encountered in the central chamber of Cloudrest. She has taken control of the Welkynar Gryphon Knights, transforming them into shadowy monsters that possess all of their formidable skills. She is also responsible for releasing a mysterious purple mist that has spread throughout the city.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Z'Maja casting a spell
Mind Blast
Conal AoE which targets all players in front of her.
Dark Orb
Spawns three small orbs that will stun any player who touches them. If the orbs are not destroyed in time they will converge and target a player, stunning them and releasing Sinister Beads. Note that when an orb is destroyed it inflicts players with damage-over-time effect. The number of players affected by this damage-over-time will increase if more mini bosses are fought alongside Z'Maja, with no players being afflicted if Z'maja is fought on her own.
Crushing Darkness
An ability that targets the tank who is currently taunting her, and the player furthest from her, creating a void beneath their feet.
Dark Detonation
If the shadow portal is not closed quickly enough, all players will begin to helplessly levitate under Z'Maja's control and she will instantly kill the entire group.
Execute Phase
Z'Maja will sacrifice herself to summon her shade at 10% health. Approximately every 22 seconds she will afflict 6 members of the group with Baneful Mark, which will reduce healing taken and damage all those inflicted until they return to 100% health.
Sinister Beads
If the Dark Orbs collide with either each other or a player, they will explode into a number of dark beads. These will stun and place a damage over time on those hit.
Nocturnal's Favor
This attack damages only the tank that currently has taunt. There is a long animation for this attack. It is a very high damage projectile that cannot be dodged or reflected. Due to the high damage, it will kill any character that is not blocking, and frequently kill lower health players through block.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Z'Maja's Amulet

Opening a shadow gateway during a fight with one of the mini bosses:

"Come forth, my shadows!"
"My shadows are endless!"'
"It seems my soldiers need reinforcements."


"You challenge the power of the Sea Sload? It shall be your last mistake."

Idling before combat:

"Soon, my shadows shall spread to all of Summerset!"
"Cloudrest has already fallen. And so too shall you."
"The Welkynars could not defeat me! And neither will you."
"You dare fight against darkness itself? Foolish."
"The shadows answer to me now."
"I can wait. After all, your deaths are inevitable."
"Do you truly think you can stand against my shadows?"
"Darkness shall reign across Summerset!"

Engaging Z'maja in combat:

"Fools! You shall join the Welkynars in defeat!"
"You shall be lost in my shadows!"'

If a miniboss has been left up, she summons them to the sidelines:

"To me, my shadow warriors!"
"I am not alone in this fight! My shadows shall aid me."
"To me, my shadow warriors! To me!"

If Z'Maja is not bashed when prompted:

"My shadows will consume you!"
"Feel my shadows' embrace."
"Give in to darkness. There's no escape."

Occasionally, she speaks in Sload:

"Cagh ante ombrogh!"
"Disbagh tanta mallumon!"
"Egh lon vogon!"
"Inga lukzi embrach!"
"Inkaj bid ogh!"
"Ligh nah vogh on!"
"Maghumo kolektos!"
"Mal lugno brak uma!"
"Meh migh kon tals!"
"Nogh tak goh taj!"
"Noghto favoran mig!"
"Obegh min non!"
"Oghbro, veno agh mi!"
"Peka noghto falan!"
"Per laj nogh to!"
"Perge kut noghton"
"Pregh nokton!"
"Ruligh anta inkon!"
"Teh naghto ell ragh!"

If she raises a deceased player's shadow:

"A better version of you now serves me."

If Z'Maja's Shade is allowed to cross over:

"It's time to put an end to your struggle."
"Your life force shall be mine!"
"All that struggle only fueled my power."
"Your life force shall be mine!"
"Let the darkness consume you."
"Your life force shall empower me!"
"All that effort, only to fail!"
"How does it feel to have your life force consumed?"

Party wipe:

"You all shall make excellent additions to my shadow army."
"Have no worries. Your shadows shall remain."
"Your shadow shall serve me well."
"How does it feel to have your life force consumed?"
"A better version of you now serves me."
"A wonderful addition to my army."

Execute phase at 5% health

"I won't be beaten! I'll smash this amulet if that's what it takes."


After the Shade of Galenwe's defeat:

Shade of Galenwe: "I lost? How ... unlikely."
Z'Maja: "I suppose poor Galenwe wasn't so useful after all."
Galenwe: "How could I ... be so ... foolish?"
Olorime: "We'll avenge your death, Galenwe! I swear it!"

After the Shade of Siroria's defeat:

Shade of Siroria: "I was ... defeated?"
Z'Maja: "Now, now. If you're not going to play fair, neither am I."
Siroria: "No! I can't ... fall ... like this!"
Olorime: "Siroria .... Siroria! No!
Olorime: There's no time to mourn now. Quickly, let's move on."

After the Shade of Relequen's defeat:

Shade of Relequen: "Z'Maja will ... crush you."
Relequen: "I'm sorry Olorime ... we failed you."
Z'Maja: "How does it feel Olorime? To see your companions die?"
Olorime: "Curse you, Z'Maja! You'll never get away with this!"
Upon her death (if all 3 minibosses are defeated before fighting Z'Maja)
Z'Maja: "Cloudrest has already fallen, you fools .... And so have the Welkynars."
Z'Maja: "To kill your own order ... your own companions .... How does it feel, Olorime?"
Olorime: "Z'Maja is defeated but .... My companions. My friends. All gone ....
Olorime: I won't allow their sacrifice to be in vain. I'll make sure the Welkynar traditions live on.
Olorime: I'll rebuild my order, and keep protecting Summerset. I swear it!"
Upon her death (If the Welkynars have been saved)
Z'Maja: "Darkness shall consume you all....Soon. So, so soon."
Z'Maja: "Even with all this power... still, I fall? Pathetic."
Z'Maja "Cloudrest has already fallen… my death will not change that…!"
Relequen: "Never have I seen such a resounding victory! The bards shall sing of this day."
Siroria: "Finally, my flame burns once more!"
Relequen: "I feel my power again as well. The Welkynars shall continue on!"
Galenwe: "Yes, though I can't say the same for Cloudrest. The city may never recover."
Olorime: "My friends, we're all alive! We can all fight! And together, there's nothing we can't do."