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Location Cloudrest
Species Gryphon
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Welkynars

Darremalatu (nicknamed Darre) is a tamed gryphon companion of Welkynar Olorime. He can initially be seen resting at the entrance, and Olorime will later be riding him in the Aerie during combat with mini bosses. In the final fight with Z'Maja, Darre will be on the terrace with Olorime and will fly into the shadow portals when they show up.

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  • Olorime raised Darre from birth, having to camp out for three nights to obtain his egg from a nest, having a close call with his defensive mother.
  • Darre's name is composed of Ayleid words, combining "Darre" meaning "Mercy" and "Malatu" meaning "Truth". Literally, his name is "Mercy Truth", though one could interpret this as "Merciful Truth".
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