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This page provides a list of all the creature types in The Elder Scrolls Online.

"Creatures" are defined by in-game data as consisting of non-humanoid beings with completely different animation rigs than those used by humanoid characters (including players), species of which are listed here.

Only creatures distinguished by distinct in-game models are listed here; many of these have variations, such as undead, fabricated or Daedric versions, that may look considerably different or even fictionally be considered different species, but are too similar with in-game animations and mechanics to be counted separately.

Animals – Animals comprise various mundane creatures that appear around Tamriel.
AlitBearBristlebackBull-Horned Magma FrogCliff StriderCoral CrabCrocodileDeath HopperDuneracerDuneripperDurzogEchatereGravelclawGuarHackwingJackalKagoutiKwama ScribKwama WarriorKwama WorkerLionMammothMudcrabNetchNix-HoundNix-OxSabre CatSalamanderSencheSkeeverTerror BirdTiger-LynxWolf
Daedra – Daedra are creatures from the planes of Oblivion. Aurorans, Dark Seducers, Dremora, Fire Behemoths, Havocrel, Huntsmen, Golden Saints, Shrikes, Skaafin, Spiderkith, Wraith-of-Crows, Xivilai, and Xivkyn are classified as NPCs.
Air AtronachBanekinClannfearDaedric TitanDaedrothDremnakenFlame AtronachFlesh AtronachFlesh ColossusFrost AtronachGloam KnightGrievous TwilightHarvesterHoarvor DaedraHungerIncarnateInferniumIron AtronachLurkerMind TerrorOgrimRuinachScampScorionSeekerSpider DaedraStone AtronachStorm AtronachWatcherWinged Twilight
Dwarven Automatons – Dwarven Automatons are ancient, robot-like machines. Architons are humanoid NPC varieties.
Dwarven ArquebusDwarven CenturionDwarven ColossusDwarven DynastorDwarven SphereDwarven SpiderDwarven Sentry
Fabricants - Fabricants are amalgamations of flesh and machine originating from the Clockwork City. Factotums are humanoid Fabricant NPCs.
Firepot SpiderVerminous Fabricant
Monsters – Monsters are creatures typically defined by their magical abilities and/or their "terrifying" appearance. Goblins, Rieklings, Riekr, Falmer and Sea Giants are monstrous humanoid NPCs.
Argonian BehemothAssassin BeetleBloodknightBog DogChaurusChimeraDragonDreughFaunFetcherfly NestForest WraithGargoyleGiantGiant BatGiant ScorpionGiant SnakeGiant SpiderGiant WaspGolemGryphonHadolidHagHagravenHaj MotaHarpyHoarvorIce WraithImpIndrikKotu GavaLamiaLurcherMantikoraMinotaurMiregauntNereidOgreOrnaugPangritQuasigriffReef ViperSea SloadSenche-rahtShadeShalkSprigganStone HuskStranglerTharrikerThunderbugTrollUrsaukVoriplasmVulk'eshWamasuWelwaWerewolfWerewolf BehemothWispWispmotherYaghra
Undead – Undead creatures consist of spirits and reanimated remains of deceased people. Bog Blights, Dragon Priests, Draugr, Mummies, Skeletons, Soulrazer Knights, Vampires and Zombies are undead NPCs.
Bone ColossusDeath HoundGhostLichMournful AegisWraithVampire Lord
Passive Creatures – Passive creatures are completely unable to attack or harm you and will die instantly if attacked whatsoever.
InsectsNon-Interactive CreaturesAddaxAlavlin BeetleAlinor RingtailAntelopeAsh HopperBadgerBantam GuarBeetleBirdBrassiliskBullCamelCatCentipedeChickenChub LoonCliff DarterCliff SkipperCliffracerCowCrowDaedratDaggerbackDeerDogDonkeyDragon FrogEchaletteElkFabricant BeetleFellrunnerFennec FoxFiendrothFledgling GryphonFoxFrogGlyptodonGoatGuzzardHermit CrabHeronHorkerHorseJerboaLesser Sea AdderLizardLynxMonkeyMud HopperNixadOxPigPony GuarRabbitRatSandroachScorpionScorpion FabricantScribScuttlerSeht's Dovah-FlySep AdderSheepShroom BeetleSilt HopperSilt StriderSkavengerSkeevatonSkitterisSnakeSpiderSpringbokSquirrelSwamp JellyThorn GeckoTomeshellVale DeerVvardvarkWaftWinter MothWormmouth


  • Some passive creatures share a name with their larger cousins who can survive one hit and will attack back. They are documented on the same page and thus share links.
  • Slaughterfish are used to prevent swimming large distances. They are not treated as creatures, but their attack effects are deadly.

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